10 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Birthday In Lock-Down

Birthday is a very special occasion to celebrate. Though it comes every year, it makes us realise how much our family and friends love us. This year can be bit hard due to pandemic coronavirus but celebrating birthday in lock-down is not that hard. Basically, you have to make the day special without going out of your place. However, we can do multiple things to celebrate birthday in lock-down as we have enough time in this isolation period.

Birthday celebration during lockdown

If your birthday falls in the middle of Coronavirus, it is unfortunate. However, you need not put hold on your birthday until the global pandemic is over. Here are 10 exciting ways to celebrate your birthday even in the coronavirus outbreak:

Donate essentials to the poor people

10 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Birthday In Lock-Down

Every year we celebrate our birthday with a luxurious lunch or cozy dinner and spend huge amount. Because of corona virus our global economy is going down and number of poor people with in satiable hunger are increasing every minute. This year you can celebrate your birthday in lockdown by donating some groceries or foods to the poor or needy people with the help of police or local administration. This noble work will create positivity in you and you will feel relaxed and blessed. You also can donate some amount to the NGOs.

Bake a cake

A fancy cake starts our birthday night, and in the lock-down situation bakery stores are closed. Also if you find any local bakery store ready to deliver a cake, it’s also not safe. So if you want to celebrate your or your loved ones birthday staying at home, bake a cake yourself. Nothing can be simple than baking a cake. You don’t have to be an advanced baker to pull off a good birthday cake idea as baking a cake is super easy and convenient with a bit help of internet. Your cake will make your loved one feel damn special.

Cook delicious food to celebrate birthday in lock-Down

Food is also having a very essential role in any kind of celebration, and when it comes to birthday food, the food should be delicious. Due to the pandemic all restaurants are closed. Going out for a lunch or dinner or ordering food from outside is not a safe option. You need to look for a safer option to celebrate birthday in coronavirus.

Cooking favorite recipes or some special dishes with your own effort will make the day even more special. It will uplift that person’s mood in this depressing situation. Always remember food can feel stomach but a delicious food can feel your heart. 

Make handmade birthday card and some chocolates

Going out to buy some gifts or some chocolate is not at all an impressive idea at present. So just craft a cute handmade birthday greetings card with a beautiful wish and some special photographs with your loved ones will make the day an extraordinary one.

As the birthday is incomplete without a present, a handmade greeting card along with some delicious handmade chocolates will be a more than perfect gift in this situation.

Make a video filled with special birthday wish

10 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Birthday In Lock-Down

If the person is away from his/her family or friends, then you can make a video with all the special birthday wishes from all of the family members and friends. A beautifully edited video will surely bring happiness or special feelings to that person’s life. This surprise video will become a permanent quarantine birthday memory.

Make handmade decoration by using old newspaper or old plastic bottles

In this scenario where people are not getting essentials, we cannot expect decorative items in marketto adorn home. Old newspapers and poster colours can serve the decoration purpose well. You will find a lot of tutorials on internet to decorate your home for birthday with newspapers and other recycle items available at home.

Sing his/her favorite song to celebrate birthday in lock-Down

Good music always works like a magic. If you are with that person or unfortunately you are not physically present with that person, still you can dedicate his/her the most favorite song singing in your own voice to make the birthday special. You can record the song or you can sing over phone or in a simple video chat. Just remember for dedicating a song in your own voice, you don’t have to be a professional singer, your simple effort will put sweetness in that song.

Arrange a Skype or zoom call for a virtual house party

Video communication mediums are not only for your office meetings. In this lock-down a virtual party can be an outstanding way to celebrate someone’s birthday. Through Skype or any other video calling tool, we can virtually meet with the person and we can arrange a house party in our place and make cake, wine and all favorite foods of that he/she likes. This type of celebration will definitely remove all the loneliness from that person’s life.

This kind of surprises is surely one of the bestways to celebrate birthday in quarantine.

Watch a movie or a web series

10 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Birthday In Lock-Down

Movies and web series are a part of our regular life and if you wish to celebrate birthday in quarantinewith that special person, thenan in housemovie plan can be a great option. You just have to select a perfect movie or web seriesgenre and watch it creating areal like ambiance. So our perplexity that ‘how to celebrate birthday in quarantine!’Should not be a cause of overnight stress. Coronaviruspandemic has taught us how can we live our life or enjoy it just staying at home and doing simple things and to find happiness by donating to the needy people.Hopefully the shadow of the pandemic will vanish soon and next year we will celebrate our birthdays as we always do. Till then we have to stay at home and stay safe.

Write a poem or speech

In our generation a poem as a birthday gift is unusual.However, in this lock-down youcan showcase your talent and your effort with your writing. You can write a poem or a speechfor that person. You also can read the poetry over phone or you share the poem on social media as well.

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