8 Amazing Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day To Try Right Now

With a long wait of one year, Valentine’s day has arrived once again. This day is a great day to express out your love. The very common way to express your love is to buy expensive chocolates and flowers. However, there are many other more ways to express out your love nowadays. The decoration done by your loved ones specially for you is highly appreciated. Nothing could be better than home decoration to express your love. Decorating your home or any other place where you are thinking to celebrate, is not so tough. We generally decorate on almost every occasion. The decoration is now part of many celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc. But every decoration is not the same, the decoration of each occasion varies.

Simple and impressive way to decorate your place on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day decoration could not be complete without red color. As already told, flowers and chocolates are very common so here we are with some unique, simple and quick ideas to decorate for Valentine’s Day. When Starting with valentine decoration the Valentine theme should be kept in mind. The theme should be in red as red color shows out the love.

Some Creative ideas are mentioned below:

1. Starting with the Wall Art


The wall decoration is the best to reflect the decoration and even the catchy area of the house. You need to add some wall art frames to the bare walls of your house. Graphic wall art is one of the most trendy pieces of art for your wall. This is also easily available at any decor shop or could also purchase online. when you are decorating for valentine’s day you should choose some red or heart shape wall prints.

2. Decoration with Pillow


Decorating your living space or bedroom with some bright red and pink color pillow could be a very good idea. There are many shape and size pillows available in the market. You could also customize the pillow. you can add the couple picture on the pillow with some red heart shape. The idea of using pillows for decoration is never out of time. For cost-cutting, you can also use your old pillow with a new pillow cover. This will be the decoration without much investment.

3. Floral Arrangement


With the Middle of February, One can easily avail of colorful flowers. Flowers always add a fresh look. using flowers is always among the best valentine’s decorations ideas. You can mix some of your favorite flowers with red and pink flowers. These flowers will add a grace if kept in a metal vase. Flowers not only add beauty to vase but also can be kept in the corners of the room, on the dining table, center table, at the main gate, etc. Afterward, when the flowers get dry it could be hanged upside down and can be used as a decoration for a week even.

4. Add some more Red


With the theme of Valentine’s day, red color is a must. The red color pops out most with white color. Adding red to your home is never too much. You can use as much as red you want to, for example, red color coffee mug, red cutlery, red flowers, red banner, red curtains, etc. The house with red and white colors valentine décors will be loved by your guest. The combination of red and white can use permanently as this combination is the evergreen color of decorating, and can be used on other occasions as well. This little red color will transform your normal house into a valentine’s day special themed house.

5. Use Valentine Day Special Chocolates and Candies


Decorating for valentine’s day with chocolates and candies can be said as tasty decoration. The wrapped chocolate and colorful popping colours6 can be kept in a jar on the dining table, center table, etc. valentine’s day decoration is never complete without heart-shaped chocolates and candies. One can also get personalized love quotes mentioned on chocolates and use this as a gift also. The best thing about decoration with chocolates is it is not wasted rather can be eaten up just after. One can also use a chocolate bouquet as a decoration and kept on the dining table. And this could also combine with fresh flowers.

6. Decorate with Valentine’s Day Sign


Valentine’s day sign here means all those shapes which are used to express love for example heart shape in red color. You can make a small red heart shape with paper and can be hanged at different places for example on walls, like a wind chime, etc. These small hearts can be easily added to your existing decoration. This is among inexpensive decorating ideas without occupying much time and space.

7. Create your Valentine Day themed bar

This is one of the most favorite department of decoration. Decorating your bar section with Valentine’s day theme could be very simple as well amazing. Here you just need to add some red color cutlery, glasses in the bar. This decoration cannot only be used at the bar but also in the kitchen as well. You can add some of the red towels, Red napkins, etc. One can also use buy heart shape plates and bowls which is easily available in the market. The heart-shaped plate will be very attractive and even will add grace to your dining table.\

8. Valentine Tree


There is no rule defined that decorating a tree can be done only at Christmas. You can also use the idea of decorating a tree on Valentine’s day. Here you need to arrange or artificial tree and decorate it with some red, pink, silver colors. You can also use some lights to make the tree more bright. If you are using a big tree you can keep this at the main gate and if the tree is small in size you can place it on the dining table also.

Final Thoughts

With the special day of love, everything should be very special and perfect. The above-mentioned tips we hope it would surely help you out and encourage you to go ahead and celebrate Valentine’s day with lots of love and joy happy.  Wishing Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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