8 Most fattening foods you should not consume

When different factors are combined together they tend to make food fattening. The first and most common food fattening is the one that we compellingly include in our diet. While you have seen many people carelessly eating a cup of ice cream, but you have hardly seen anyone eating grilled shrimp.

There are several reasons that compel you to eat fattening food and the most important reason is taste. Out of all the fattening foods you love to eat, sugar is the leading culprit. These fattening foods especially, sugar have the tendency to release large dopamine in our brain exactly the way drugs as cocaine and heroin can do. That’s why you can see so many people eating sugar candies heedlessly even if they are not hungry.

So it’s important for you to know 8 most fattening foods that you eat out of compulsion and should be avoided in your day to day life.

Most Fattening Foods

1. Salted nuts

You must be thinking why nuts are included in the category of most fattening food. It is important to know that though nuts are low in carbohydrate and do not cause blood sugar, they are extremely high in calories. You will find a variety of nuts with added sugar including Candy walnuts and roasted peanuts with honey which can cause fattening problems. So, if your goal is to lose weight quickly, you need to avoid nuts. No matter how healthy and low in sugar they are, the calories they have can make you overweight.

2. Cheese

Cheese is also low in carbohydrate but people eat it in excess. According to research, cheese has a dairy fat which has an incomparable capability to encourage insulin release. The most common variety of cheese that can cause fattening includes American cheese, cheddar, and queso.

3. Processed food with a tag or label of :quot:Fat-Free:quot:

You must be seen a lot of food products available in the supermarket labeled as “reduced fat", mind it, these food products contain a lot of sugar. Certainly, when fat is removed from processed food items, it is replaced by sugar or any other carbohydrate containing a high glycemic index.

For instance: if you are buying Starbucks muffin which comes with a tag of low fat, you are consuming 25 grams of extra sugar. Therefore, if any processed food says low fat, better avoid it.

4. Potato chips and other salty packed food

All snack food including potato chips, nachos and crackers are fattening foods. All these food items are incredibly high in calories. Also, it is responsible for releasing insulin in a significant amount. Most of the snack foods are eaten obsessively. So, you are suggested to avoid these foods even if they are labeled as baked chips.

5. Bread and wheat food items

Bread is also included in the category of fattening food. Most of you must be thinking that you are consuming wheat bread so you need not worry. But according to some research, wheat can result in leptin sensitivity.

6. Breakfast cereals

There are several breakfast bowls of cereal which are known to help you keep your heart healthy but are high in sugar level. Many times people are seen eating breakfast cereal by adding dry fruits or their favorite fruit in it, which can make it even fattier. Although many people think that taking breakfast serials is a healthy meal, they are increasing their blood sugar in this way. It’s better to skip such breakfast if you have weight loss goals.

7. Chocolate or candies

If you are Candy lover and eating it compulsively, try to avoid this high calories and high sugar food. Almost every person with a weight loss goal knows that he needs to avoid such food but they are not able to control their self. You are suggested to you eat the chocolate with 75% of cocoa in case you have a rapacious sweet tooth.

8. Sweetened Beverages

Soft drinks, soda, sugar tea, and all other sweetened beverages are counted under the most fattening foods. they are digested easily and are known to cause insulin release in large quantity. You will hardly take some seconds to guzzle 500 ml of a soda can and consume 150 calories. Even if you are drinking 100% fruit juice, you are taking a high amount of sugar and must avoid if you wish to lose weight quickly. Also, if you have diabetes or metabolic syndrome then also you should avoid sweetened beverages.


If you are serious about losing weight, it is significant to reduce or completely eliminate all the above-mentioned fattening foods from your diet. You can start by eliminating anyone fattening food from the above list and you will notice a noteworthy weight loss. If you simply cut down cheese out of your diet, you can lose around 18 pounds in a month. And if you wish to reduce double the pounds in a month, eliminate sweetened beverages from your diet.

Some of the strategies that you can follow to use your weight are:

  • Start your day with a low carbohydrate breakfast. You can choose to eat foods that are naturally low in carbohydrates including eggs, olives, naturally cook meat. Moreover, you can also take fruits that are low in calories including papaya and berries.
  • It can always be hard to imagine your life without the food you love. So, don’t avoid it completely in the starting you can attempt to have it half.
  • You can consider having supplements along with superfoods. For instance, according to research, fenugreek extract can help you improve the blood sugar level. In addition, lemon juice can also be taken to low down blood sugar. Add green tea in your meal how to improve your metabolic rate.

Following all the above-mentioned recommendations and avoiding the eighth most fattening food, you can definitely see improvement in your lifestyle and personality as well. It will also improve your present health and you can remain fit and healthy ahead.

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