8 Uniquely Designed Teen Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Planning for designing or decorating your young girl’s bedroom is not an easy task. Every teenage girl is different from the other and therefore you cannot think of a one-size-fits-all solution for every girl. A young teenage girl needs her own personal space so nailing down a connected look for your teen bedroom can’t be an easy endeavor. Maybe you have a complete vision of how you are going to utilize every space for making the room look ‘extravagant’ to ‘exceptional’, still, you need to understand that the teen girls have their own specific taste. You have to look for the best room ideas for teenage girls to make them feel happy.

Teen Bedroom Facelift

You must have realized until now that it is not easy to gather the best bedroom ideas for your young girl. So, you must look for the below stated makeover room tips for better ideas. These ideas will help you in bringing a great transition into an ordinary room and turning it into a room your daughter will love.

Have a look at these 8 anxiously curated collections of teen bedroom ideas.

Go for adding light and airy designs

teen bedroom

A cool and calm white or neutral base is perfect for a teenage girl’s bedroom. You can easily bring changes to the room design in this way. For instance, if your teenage taste and style change with time, you can also make changes in her bedroom without putting much effort. Go for adding elegant white furniture with a thin profile as it will help you in reducing the feel of clutter.

Moreover, when you have a white color base for the room, you can add bold bedspread and printed accessories with soft pastel lamps. It will give the room a modern and playful look.

Add gleam of color to a calm teen bedroom

teen bedroom

Adding a gleam of bright colors will make the room look more energetic. It will help your young girl to get out of her bed faster in the morning. Also, adding hot coral contrasts along with the original white walls will add a fresh look to the room. The stripped wire light at the bedside will make her feel grown-up. However, leave some space for her beloved toys which make her feel that she is still a kid neath all the teenage life crisis.

Go for a twisted pink color

teen bedroom

If you have already given your teenage girl a separate room, you must have the plan to have the wall painted with pink color. It’s always a great idea. However, try to give an artistic update to the room by mixing it with different shades of pink and purple. Adding a white ladder shelf will give a great way of storage to a small space. Young girls can keep all her books and abundance there.

What about a monochrome teen bedroom room?

teen bedroom

If you know well about the taste and choice of your young girl and she admires the chic type style, a monochrome room can be ideal for her. Though you will find a lack of color in the room, still it will not make the room look boring. You can make different patterns to give an amazing effect to the room. Go for adding a stripped drawer which will be perfect for storing your grown-up girl wardrobe and accessories.

Fashion the study space for boring homework

teen bedroom

Doing homework is never believed to be fun. For this, you can give the bedroom a high contrast look with a chic workplace. This will be liked by your fashion-loving teen. Try focusing on the study area by making it look attractive so that your teen is always interested in completing her homework.  Add floating shelves painted of the same color as the wall which will give a spacious feel to the room. It will go ideally well with bold graphic printed rug and shades of hot pink.

Make a teen bedroom design with depth

teen bedroom

If your teen girl likes dark colors, make the room look moody by painting the walls with dark grey. Use a layer of different shades of grey and white giving a pattern to add interest to a dark room. Make sure you paint the wall in such a way that it does not turn into a bat cave. Through in a Pop of some other energetic colors that will give life to the darkroom. You can go for a hand letter printed on the wall with some white accents which will give a fresh look to the overall room.

Bedroom design considering study space

teen bedroom

It is compulsory to add a study space in your teen bedroom. However, it doesn’t mean that the room should have a boring look. You can transform the study space into your teen room in such a way that she always wishes to hang out there. Floating shelves, printed and framed photos along with pastel accessories will give a much pretty and functioning look to the study space. You can also add modern furniture including a chair and table to give a luxury touch to the room.

Colorful crafted look to the room

teen bedroom

Your daughter will love seeing colorful pom poms, crochet, polka dots scattered in a good manner in her room. Use these fun prints and patterns in the right way to give a bright and brilliant touch to your teen’s bedroom. Balance it by using shades of orange and yellow along with pale blue and white to give it an overwhelming look.

To wrap it all up!

Making your teen girl happy by transforming her boring looking room will bring a smile to her face. You will find all the above stated teenage girl bedroom ideas useful. You can pick the colorful craft idea, bedroom design with depth or fashion Outlook idea depending on your grown-up girl taste. So, choose your favorite design and go for transformation.

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