8 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick with Cold or Flu

With the latest Corona virus update, we need to stay away from the people who are already infected or suffering from cold or flu. You must be avoiding close contact with your co-workers and avoiding to work together. We all must stay away from the people who are already sick. This is the best way to avoid getting sick.

Major steps to be followed to stay healthy

Keeping distance is a reasonable action to be taken. Apart from maintaining distance there also several ways which should be kept in mind to avoid getting sick. Below are the major tips which are also said by the doctor and health specialist to keep yourself healthy.

Get into the habit to wash hands several times

A golden rule to avoid getting sick and infection are to wash your hands as much as time possible. As many times you shake your hand with other people, you should wash your hands with the soap and water. As per the doctor washing your hands will drain out all the virus and bacteria which you are carrying from the other person. The soap water will help you to get rid of all the bad germs.

Avoid touching your face and mouth

Our mouth and nose is the most easiest way for the germs to get into our body. Therefore as many times we touch our mouth and nose we allow germs to enter our body. Hence we should be very careful and avoid touching our face and mouth, this will help you do not get in contact with the germs and also will help you to avoid getting sick. In case you need to do so while eating food or because of some itching, you must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with hand wash to kill the germs from your skin.

Get proper sleep

Sleep is very important for the body to maintain its health. In case your body does not get enough sleep it keeps fighting. Hence as per the doctors it is suggested to get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. This will make your body as well as mind fresh and will also help to make your body healthier from inside and ready to fight against germs. With the help of proper sleep you can prepare yourself and make your body ready to fight against any health disease like cold or flu. This is not only important to fight against sickness but also very important for your mental health. A proper rest to mind will reduce the depression and frustration.

Stay safe with flu shot

It is the myth of people that getting flu shot can make them sick. But you must know that taking the flu shot is very safe and also keep you safe from the flu. It is being guided that every single year you must get it. It has been noticed that flu cough and cold are common after the month of October and November.Hence before the month of October and November you must get the flu shot that will keep you away  from all the flu in coming whole year.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

It become very easy for the flu and the germs to attack our body when the immune system of our body is not strong. The week immune system get easily affected from the germs and bacteria and this makes our body sick. Hence to maintain the immune system you must add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. We know that it could be Little tough for you to add fruits and vegetables into your diet but it is very important to stay healthy and fit. The plenty of fresh one can give you a larger amount of benefit. Therefore in spite of thinking about your taste, you must go with your health.

Workout makes it easy to fight with flu gems

Workout release sweat from the body. The more amount of workout gives you a stronger immune. When you have a strong immune you are capable of not allowing the flu germs to enter your body. Hence the workout is very compulsory to be add in your schedule. As per the time when it is not possible to go gym, the workout can be done at your home as well. With the help of mentioned link, you can get the different workout exercises and tips to stay healthy and fit and avoid being infected with germs. One should also keep in mind to do the work out on a regular basis. The gap in the workout can bring weakness in you and make you infected.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_8M53Y5PvI

Make distance with sick people

One of the most obvious reason of getting sick is being in contact with the sick people. Hence one should avoid having a close contact with the people who are already sick. In case you need to do so then you must wash your hands and face. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid Corona-virus and flue. You should also advise those who are sick to maintain distance while talking to other people.

Use hand sanitizer

It is not always possible to wash your hands with water and soap. You are not always near to the washbasin. In this case, the hand sanitizer will help you a lot. While using the sanitizer you must be sure that 99% alcohol-based Sanitizer you are using. As the alcohol-based one is capable to kill almost 99% of the harmful germs. You are unavailable with sanitizer you can also use wet wipes which must contain alcohol in it. In this way, we could help you a lot to keep yourself healthy and free from sickness.


As we all know the novel corona virus is a deadly virus that is being rapidly spread all over the world. With the help of above-mentioned points, you could save yourself and the environment from the deadly virus.

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