A Guide to Coronavirus Drugs and Growth of Vaccination

The early signs of the COVID have resulted in many experimental treatments. These treatments will be done on the people who are really sick and the first dose shall take in action within 24hours.

The treatment is known to be antiviral therapy. The therapy is called by the name of Remdesivir. It works by blocking the coronavirus from multiplying or reproducing in the body of a person.

“The treatment basically helps in stopping the virus from producing itself in the body of a person,” said Dr. Gregory Poland. Gregory is an expert in infectious diseases. He is also the director of the Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota.

President Donald Trump mentioned in a press briefing that Remdesivir is a possible treatment. Trump further said that officials of federal health are trying to remove the barriers in finding the best treatment as soon as possible.

It is seen that the patients who are hospitalized because of the virus and have received remdesivir are starting to feel better after getting the treatment.

Chris Kane, 55, diagnosed with the corona virus was under strict supervision at Providence Regional Medical Centre in Everett, Washington. His wife, Susan Kane says that he was serious and very sick. He was under oxygen from the beginning.

The doctors tested the remdesivir treatment on him after the results were good and promising on earlier patients.

COVID-19 after Ebola has shaken the world by infecting people over 200, 000 and sickening 100, 000 in the United States alone. The situations are worst in the rest of the world.

The one case of the United States where an unidentified man from the U.S. was the first person to have a corona virus. The remdesivir treatment given to that patient made him got off the ventilator and improved his fever and cough slowly.

The answer to the question of whether his health got improved because of the treatment or anyway else. However, Susan Kane says remdesivir worked on her husband well and quickly.

Remdesivir is under official clinical trials at the medical center of Providence Regional. The doctors have given no statement as there is no official announcement about the efficiency of the medicine. There will be no announcement before any results. However, the results will come up in late April.

There will be about 1, 000 patients enrolled in the clinical trial with trust in Gilead. The patients are slowly enrolled in the whole process. This is not only done in Washington but the University of Nebraska Medical Center and in Atlanta Emory Vaccine Center.

There are many more potential treatments found but are still under investigation. Some of the treatments are related to the cure of malaria, as well as a blend of HIV drugs, etc. and it is sold by the name of brand Kaletra.

On Wednesday, the study shows that a combination of drugs of HIV is unsuccessful in treating the coronavirus.

Poland believes that remdesivir can successfully cure the virus but also believes that early unreliable success does not work for a long time.

“The literature of medicine is working with thousands of studies which starts out in a similar way,” Poland said. He further adds, the treatments require intense study, clinical trials and various phases of such trials.

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