All You Must Know About Heart Wrenching Spread Of Corona Virus On Sunday, April 19

Just a month ago, Singapore was evoked to be the place having a good grip on the situation of this deadly virus. The city came across as the place containing the virus completely without having any requirement of self-isolation or lockdown. The tests were going on and the health centers were strictly isolating the people who were found to be transmissible.

 This was the moment when the city got hit again. The total count of confirmed cases of positive corona patients raised from 266 to 5900 since March 17, 2020.

So, how did it grow so suddenly? Well, James Griffiths says that it looks like the authorities failed to see the actual threat of COVID-19 among the masses of migrant workers who lived in cramped dorms. As soon as the disease started transmitting among the particular community then it grabbed the whole nation in no time.

The devastating spread of COVID-19 in other countries

Singapore was not the only victim of this vicious form of the virus across the entire world. In Japan, when the very first person was detected with a positive COVID-19 test, the officials in the health centers focused on containing the clusters of the virus rather than focusing on the testing sessions of the other people who were under suspicion. And now the country is now scrambling to get the situation under control.

However, in Hong Kong’s Government decided to relax the lockdown strictness just to get it tightened again. Moreover, there might be a huge increase in the total count of corona virus cases in Italy and Spain which are already the worst affected countries because of this football match between Atlanta and Valencia.

In nutshell, each and every tiny step that government takes matters a lot in this crucial period.  

Poor condition of hospital equipments

In this crucial time period of this pandemic, almost every country is struggling to get the much-needed hospital equipment to save the lives of their people. The groundbreaking demands of hospitals these days have actually unveiled the huge inequalities among various countries.

The cities are finding it very difficult to get life-saving equipment like in South Sudan where there are only 4 ventilators and 24 ICU beds and the total population is 12 million which is a big number as compared to the medical facilities available. Likewise, in Venezuela there are 84 ICU beds and the total population is 32 million.

US needs to increase the testing count to 500,000 daily

According to Harvard researchers, US needs to increase the daily testing count up to 500,000 so that the situation gets under control and the economy can be re-opened soon. As testing is the most critical part of the path of getting everything normal and re-opening. However, the United States has scrambled a lot with some detractors who were blaming white house for responding late amid this crisis of corona virus killing a bunch of people.

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