Best Football Movies of All Time for Hard-Core Sports Fans

Baseball has been the pastime for most Americans but there is nothing more American than football. Hollywood has noticed the enthusiasm of the nation and produced several football movies for the fans. There is a whole bunch of crowd-pleasing, empowering, and inspiring films that will make you jump off your seat with joy.

For a sports junkie like me, Spectrum TV packages are heaven. Dedicated sports channels to watch live games and sports documentaries are a treat for the eyes. Sometimes, you prefer watching football movies too, right? Don’t worry if a cable channel is not playing your favourite movie. Pick any football movie from the list and start watching it online:

10 Best Football Movies For Hard-Core Sports Fan

1: The Blind Side

This movie will leave you in tears. Not to forget, the performance of Sandra Bullock as a southern mother who welcomes a homeless kid under her wing is just amazing. She even won an Oscar for her performance. She empowers the boy to play high school football. The movie is based on a true story.

2: Ali

Nobody else could play the role of Muhammad Ali better than Will Smith. The movie captures Ali’s heavyweight title, conversion to Islam, his banishment from boxing, making a comeback, and reclaiming his title from George Foreman. Smith even received an academy award for his performance. The movie is all about hope, dedication, and commitment.

3: Jerry Maguire

This movie is a romantic comedy starring Tom Cruise. It is a story of a man, jerry Maguire, who is outpaced by his ego, ambition, and emotional intensity. Maguire is a sports agent who loses his job but quickly decides to work independently. Only one athlete stays with him.

4: Undefeated

This is a sports documentary that also won an academy award for best Documentation. It tells the story of Tennessee’s Manassas Tigers. They had a tradition of losing. Their destiny changes when they get a new coach Bill Courtney who turns around the team. They get on the verge of winning something. Courtney helps young men and makes them academically and athletically strong. Undefeated will lift your spirits.

5: The Waterboy (1998)

The movie is an Internet sensation. Before the meme culture was the GIF culture. The words and scenes from the movie created thousands of GIFs. The movie dives into the story of a goofy character Bobby Boucher played by the amazing Adam Sandler. The Waterboy was a hit, grossing $185 million worldwide.
Boucher works as a waterbody for a college football team.

The team gets a new coach who initiates Bobby into the team after discovering his defensive skills. Sandler gives a crowd-pleasing performance. The movie will leave with hope and lots of laughter.

6: Rudy

Rudy is a sports royalty. It is based on the true story of Daniel Ruettiger. It takes the viewers on the incredible journey of overcoming obstacles to play football at the University of Notre Dame. Caution: the last scene of the movie is an emotional powerhouse. Don’t mind grabbing a tissue box.

Rudy is incredibly inspirational. With its tale of resilience, the movie has inspired several football fans worldwide. It was shot at the Norte Dame campus. Rudy was focused, low-key, and self-effacing. He was one dedicated fellow.

7: Remember the Titans

You are not really a football fan if you haven’t watched Remember the Titians. The sight of Coach Boone giving orders would just move anyone. The movie is packed with future stars. It follows the real life of football coach Herman Boone. However, viewers will find so many touching moments in the movie. It offers undeniable entertainment value.

The racially motivated conflicts create unwanted tension but through forceful coaching and rigorous athletic training, and a motivational speech, Boone is able to unite its team. Boone is told by the school board that if his team loses a single game, he will be dismissed.

8: Go Tigers

Go Tigers is the documentary movie following the story of Massillon Tigers during the 1999 season. The film highlights larger issues surrounding the team starting from cash-strapped school to the lives of players off the field. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of game action too.  The movie tells the sport of all players. You might want to stick around for this one.

9: Invincible

Like other football movies on the list, this one also takes you into the life of an average boy Vince Papale, played by Mark Wahlberg. He is a 30-year-old bartender who becomes the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL. He overcomes all impossible odds to make his dream of playing in the NFL a reality.

10: The Longest Yard

A former NFL player leads a group of prisoners in a football game against the guards. It is one of the great sports movies of all time. Over the years, the movie has been remade 3 times but the original one is still the best.

Even if you don’t have a cable plan you still can watch these movies online. Just like I use my Spectrum mobile billing feature to pay my monthly bill sitting on my couch, I can order these movies on-demand or even stream them online using the Internet. Pick any movie from the list and start watching. You won’t regret it!

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