Bollywood Actors – Up Close and Personal

Bollywood actors and there net worth!

Bollywood is where you will find every genre of films. It not only produces just films but adds values, love, excitement, connections, and depiction of strong bonds. Maybe this is the reason that Bollywood films are loved and praised all around the world. All such things affects the Bollywood actors net worth highly.

If we see closely, there is a huge difference in the cinema which was made a decade ago and which is made now. Bollywood actors are more aware of what the audience wants to see. Somehow, this is the reason that the actors of Bollywood are loved more than Hollywood actors.

The fan following and the power of the love which they get is indescribable.  The highly esteemed actors of Bollywood are royally treated by their fans. Therefore, there is no doubt on the fact that the way they emerge in the world highly affects their bank balance too. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

Top-notch richest actors of Bollywood

When it comes to making money in the show business our Bollywood actors know how to do it correct. It will not be wrong to say that, somehow, it is the fan following which decides the net worth of these Bollywood stars. So if you are ready to peek into their lives and value then let’s get started.

  1. Bollywood Romance King – Shahrukh Khan

There are no guesses on who holds the first place of Richie rich in the Indian film industry. Shahrukh khan – just a name is enough to tell how glorious his standards are. The actor known by the name of king khan or Badshah of romance has a net worth of about 5250 crores.

This is way more than any actor in Bollywood. The actor is known to charge around four to five crores for an advertisement on television. And the amount for doing a film is 45-50 crores.

Shahrukh khan is right now the face of brands like Hyundai, TAG Heuer, Emami fair and handsome cream, D’décor, Nerolac, etc. Another thing which is endorsed by Mr. Khan is the big basket.

He also has 55% stakes hold in his cricket IPL team. Another interesting fact, he owns a business venture which is a film production house, Red Chillies.

  1. Big B of Bollywood – Amitabh Bachchan

Working in the film industry for almost five decades, this man has the same love from its fans. Mr. Bachchan is still enjoying the limelight in the movie business. The man charges about 20 crores for a film.

On the other hand, talking about the endorsing a brand product, big B costs about 2.5 crores to the brand companies. There are various brands which are associated with the star naming from Dabur, Tata Sky, Kalyan Jewelers, and Gujarat Tourism, etc.

The popular show all across India Kaun Banega Crorepati is also hosted by this superstar. He is not just popular on the big screen but is loved in the houses as well.

  1. Dabbang Bhai – Salman Khan

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the Bhai of all Bhai’s – Salman Khan. This megastar is loved religiously in the film industry and has a solid manifestation wherever he goes. He is still the first choice of directors and producers. It is just because of his presence that a film guarantees to cross 100 crores target.

Salman Khan net worth touches skies. The superstar charges about 60 crores per movie and for an advertisement, the fee is 4 crores. Currently, Bhaijaan is endorsing products of brands like Revital, Relaxo, and Thumbs up, etc.

He also has his clothing line by the name of Being Human and also a production house. All this contributes to his overall net worth.

  1. Aamir Khan

This Khan of Bollywood is known by the name of Mr. Perfectionist. Aamir Khan is quite choosy with the type of roles he does. Whether we talk about his movie Dangal, Gajani or Lagaan, he has never failed to mesmerize his audience.

It is sure that when Mr. Perfectionist does a film it is going to across 100 crore club. This is the reason that his fees for a movie are 60 crores total net worth of Aamir Khan is Rs. 1261 crores.

Apart from this, he has brands endorsement in his pocket like Godrej, Titan watches, Tata Sky, Vivo, etc. He manages to grab a spot of the fourth number among the list of top-notch richest celebs.

  1. Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar never fails to astonish his fans. The selection of different roles and genres for his movies makes him unique in the industry. With his style and the number of movies, he does every year. Akshay Kumar bangs the fifth position in top-notch richest actors of Bollywood.

The net worth of Khiladi is about 1050 crores. For each film, his fess is 40 crores. And the brands which he endorses includes Manippurram Gold Loan, Red Label, Dollar Club, Relaxo, Sparx, etc.

  1. Ranbir Kapoor

The son of Rishi Kapoor is known to have a net worth around 320 crores. Highly famous in the industry by the name of the chocolate boy has won many hearts. The actor has successfully made to the Forbes magazine under the category of India’s celebrity in 2012.

Ranbir Kapoor grabbed the attention of people through his famous roles in movies like Rockstar, Sanju, etc. The actor charges around 25 crores for one movie and around 6 crores to endorse a brand product.

The net worth of the actor includes many stage shows as well as appearances here and there. The chocolate boy has the endorsement of brands like Lenovo, Sony Bravia, FC Barcelona, Pepsi, etc.

  1. Aishwarya Rai

Even after her marriage to Abhishek Bachchan, the star has never loosened her foot in the film industry. She gained the eye of everyone in 1994 by becoming Miss World. Her beauty is undefinable and her skills are undoubted. The star has a net worth of 245 crores.

She is the only actress in the Indian film industry who endorsed both the competing brands Pepsi as well as Coca-Cola. The actress endorses some of the highly famed brands of the world such as L’Oreal, Lakme. Apart from this, she is the face of Kalyan Jewelers, Lux, Titan watches, etc.

Her yearly presence in the Cannes festival makes her even more lovable actress of the Indian film industry.

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