Break up in love is wake up in life- By Rohit Sonawane

A breakup, this word includes a load of sadness, bad vibes, and loneliness. It is natural according to human nature to get attracted to a person, in search of love. Regardless of gender variations, every person in this world has his/her feeling. We all fall in love with someone in a stage of life. We get attracted to someone, we admire that person’s presence in our life. Once our relationship or love gets a boost, we start doing various dedicated things for our loved ones. We put a lot of love, dedication, and effort into the lovable relation to make that stable forever.

Some relationships stay lifelong and most of these relationships give us affection and joyous life ahead. But not every relationship or love is successful. Sometimes we fall in love but maybe that person is the wrong one for us. We don’t understand the mistake at the initial stage of the relationship nor we understand the person properly. Our mentality changed based on our experiences and time flow. So, sometimes you can find that your loved once are changing. Many a time it happens that a couple cannot match up with each other’s mindset. That leads to a breakup. And break up is a thing full of distress for us. It is indeed a painful ending for a relationship.

What you will feel after Breakup?

Breakup leads to heartbreak and brings discomfort, both mentally and physically. Your whole mind gets destructed. We get a long-lasting adverse effect of breakup in our regular life. We don’t feel good while doing any regular activities and even don’t get enthusiasm for anything in our regular life. Everything seems wrong and blames ourselves repeatedly for the breakup. Also in missing our loved ones we simply ignore our feelings. It is very often to have a feeling that you have lacked something in the relationship after a breakup. This kind of wrong and negative feeling persists in your mind and hampers your regular life for days and months.

But breakup partially does some positive changes in our life. We just have to find those positive vibes in that tough time that give the right navigation towards the way of our bright future. We neglect ourselves too much during this period. We start to avoid our aspects entirely and that leads to more pain and chronic trouble. But here you have to understand one important point. You need to accept that it is important to love yourself first. It is your life and you need to pay attention to yourself instead of anyone else. Your fulfillment and happiness matter, which we forget just to give all the happiness to our loved ones. If we don’t love and respect our feelings then no one will. We should love, but also giving importance to yourself is very much needed.

Here are a few ideas that can help to find and love the important YOU

Loving yourself is the most important thing in a lovable relation

You should have self-love. Be kind to yourself and give attention to your choices. You have to know that you are the most important one for yourself. Your likes and dislikes matter for your oneself. If you are not happy within yourself then you cannot entertain other things. Your love for yourself is the only key to heal all your pain.

Your solace is valuable for a loveable relation

Stop thinking about your ex and the past relationship. This activity will eventually grab your whole mind and lead you to more depression. Your unnecessary attempts to fix things will make the condition worse. If you think that you can still fix the lovable relation, just give yourself a break at first. Your comfort and wellbeing are important.

Don’t be sorry, mistakes can happen

Mistakes can you just stop finding yourself guilty. Trying to find your faults and having a guilty feeling is not the solution for anything. Start evaluating yourself before giving value to others. Once you start to give value to yourself, automatically you will start feeling better. Mistakes can happen but each time blaming ourselves does not make sense. So stop feeling sorry and starting adoring yourself.

Find your real you with your competence

It is good for you to find your unique talents and expertizes. These are things, which will make you proud of yourself and gear up your self-esteem. Self-esteem is a thing that has a big role in your love for yourself.

Give importance to your emotions for maintaining lovable relation

Connect with your inner feelings. Your inner feelings should have adequate importance to you. Because your brain only works like a machine, which functions to keep you safe and protected. You have to learn how to give value to your inner feelings. Without thinking about others you should give value to the things you want. Once you fulfill your core feelings and desires, the task becomes easier.

 Prioritize your needs first

You must know exactly what you need. You have to keep yourself free to do things that you love to do. You should give efforts to fulfill your desires. It heals your mind and gets a fresh feeling in your mind entirety. This is also a way to cherish yourself.

  Accept yourself as you are

This is the main key to find the real and wonderful YOU. Stop accusing yourself of not being perfect. Accept your imperfections and adore yourself as you are. Learn to love the way you are. Don’t judge yourself by other’s viewpoints. Stand with your viewpoints. Accept that nothing is perfect and the concept of perfection is a myth.

Final Words

Your love for yourself will boost you in a very positive way for everything. The end of an adorable bond is much painful but from the other perspectives, it opens a door of self-reflection to you. It gets you the opportunity to prosper and find the lost YOU. You just need to navigate your thoughts and feelings in the right direction. Love yourself, stay happy, and lead a blissful life with the most precious YOU.

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