By Means of Technology China is Successfully Fighting Coronavirus

The virus which came from Wuhan, China has created a global calamity. Many lives have been affected and people have lost their lives. There is shortage of supply, the economy is upset, and almost every country is under lockdown and what not.

COVID-19 originated from China and it has affected its people severely. But somehow through its ability in the advancement of technology and resources, the country has been able to control the spread of coronavirus.

Back in 2002 when the outbreak of SARS happened, the scientists took around one year to find its solution. Whereas, with the advancement in technology it took one month to identify COVID-19.

The ways which are helping China to fight its battle against coronavirus are as follows.

Color Coding

China has utilized its most extensive and refined surveillance network which works for the benefit of people or the public. The government of China has partnered with tech experts Alibaba and Tencent which will work in the development of Color coding. This is a rating system that will help in having a track of billions of people in a day.

Basically, it allots colors to the people who are green, red and yellow. This is done on the basis of people’s travel history and medical past. The color codes allotted to the people helps in deciding whether they should be isolated or permitted in public.

The people with green color code are permitted to go out in public. They are given a chosen QR code which is checked at every metro station, office, market places, etc. Also, their body temperature is measured in public places.


China is famous for its advancement in robotics. Robots are helping them in making meals at hospitals, spraying of sanitizers and vacuuming, etc. They are at the forefront to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Robots are also playing an integral role in diagnosing the patients and directing thermal imaging. A company named Multicopter in Shenzhen are using robotics in the transportation of medicinal samples.

Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare is greatly dependent on artificial intelligence these days. The predictive models, professionals of the medical field, data analytics are helping to understand diseases. Baidu, giant internet has made easy access to the Lineatrfold algorithm to the teams which will help in fighting C0VID-19.

The structure of coronavirus is a single strand RNA that is easier to detect than Ebola, HIV, and Influenza.

Autonomous Vehicles

Healthcare professionals are also at risk and because of close contact with people. This is the reason that Chinese autonomous vehicles are beneficial in providing amazing utility to them. The benefit of transporting goods, medicines and other essentials. These vehicles have a self-driving setting.

An autonomous vehicle of Baidu Apollo has micro-car kits and other cloud services that are easily available to the companies in battling with COVID-19. However, self-driving companies are also part of the operating street cleaning autonomous vehicles. They help in disinfecting the streets and hospitals.

All these technologies including big data and facial recognition and drones are a big part of fighting novel coronavirus.

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