Corona Virus Live Updates: The Total Count In India Reaches 11,439

The ministry of home affairs provided the updated guidelines of lockdown and the PM Narendra Modi himself announced it to be continued till May 3, 2020, as the total count of corona positive cases in India is increasing rapidly. And some other countries like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Odisha have also extended the social distancing lockdown till April 30, 2020, in order to keep a check on the spread of this pandemic. Well, Delhi and Tamil Nadu are the states which have the worst effects of this virus and have been detected a lot of positive coronavirus patients and have a big death count.

Well, the total number of cases detected with positive corona reports is 11,439 from which 377 people have lost their lives due to this deadly disease.

The virus is contagious is spreading at a very fast pace, hitting a lot of people. However, if seen globally, then the total count of patients that have already died because of this life-threatening virus has become 126,811. Moreover, COVID-19 infectious cases have reached around 2,004,383. And the hotspot districts where the threat of COVID-19 patients is more, have been ordered to take required actions accordingly.

However, the states having less possibility of coronavirus spread have been granted some relief from the stringent lockdown after April 20, 2020. And keeping each and every aspect in mind, the ministry of home affairs has given updated guidelines coronavirus lockdown 2.0 according to which all the places which have successfully contained this deadly disease and the situation is perfectly under control are allowed to re-start all the e-commerce, agricultural activities, and construction activities from April 20, 2020.

Besides these, the government has to give allowance regarding any kind of manufacturing but only in the SEZs i.e. special economic zones. In addition to this, the government has permitted some other necessary services too including plumbing and electrical. And the services like international air travel, train services, educational institutes, shopping malls are not allowed to provide the services and will continue to be shut until the situation gets under control. Moreover, all the religious places, sports grounds will remain shut for public use. Furthermore, the Union Health Ministry declared about the preparation of 602 dedicated hospitals providing 1,06,719 isolation beds along with 12,024 ICU beds maintaining co-ordination with various states.

In order to manage each and everything, something is missed. Likewise, problems faced by migrant workers specifically in the modern metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai have not been sorted properly yet. Because they are not getting work and wages which makes it difficult for them to fulfill their daily needs and manage in this critical time.

Looking at the seriousness of the disease and the problems they been facing due to this deadly COVID-19, a lot of migrant workers decided to toss away this lockdown or social distancing norms and clustered around Mumbai’s Bandra railway station so that they get the allowance to return back to their hometowns. Moreover, the workers wanted the government to permit them and kept on saying,’ we just want to go home’.

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