Corona Virus Updates: First Cases Announced in Bahrain, Kuwait; Virus Spreads in South Korea

Kuwait and Bahrain announce its first case of Corona Virus which is confirmed on Monday. The health ministry of these countries says that the virus has come from Iran. Kuwait reports three infection cases and Bahrain reports one case where the person had returned home from an Islamic republic.

The cases reported are interlinked with the Shincheonji Church of Jesus located in the Daegu city. The cases reported on Monday include 129 cases as confirmed by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Coronavirus is not a deadly disease:

World Health Organization does not have any process which declared coronavirus as a deadly disease. On the contrary, it still remains an emergency internationally.

Tarik Jasarevic, WHO spokesmen say that “WHO no longer uses an outdated phasing system which is still used by people from 2009.”

Annual Political Assembly postponed in China:

Since the Cultural Revolution, this is the very first-time annual political assembly is postponed in China. It is clearly an effect of the coronavirus.

3 positive cases in Kuwait: CNN reported that there are three people that came out as positive cases of coronavirus. Those people had come back from Mashhad in Iran, said by the Kuwait Health Ministry today.

Raise in coronavirus cases in South Korea:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of South Korea confirms new 231 cases of coronavirus. The current record of coronavirus in South Korea is now 833.

The first case recorded in Afghanistan:

On Monday, Afghanistan identifies its first case of coronavirus. The virus spreads outside China with a speed. Ferozuddin Feroz, the public health minister said in a press conference that out of three suspected cases, one turns out to be positive. The case happened in Herat, western province.

Mr. Feroz announces a state emergency in the western province of Herat. The province borders Iran where confirmed several numbers of coronavirus cases are positive.

Four dies in Iran because of COVID-19:

The death toll in Iran because of coronavirus rises in number by 4 to 12 as reported by AFP.

North Korea Cordon off 380 foreigners because of coronavirus:

According to a guardian, the state media of North Korea says about 380 foreigners have been cordon off by Pyongyang. This step is a part of efforts that lead to the prevention of coronavirus in the country.

Pak still gives no response to the citizens trapped in Wuhan:

There are about 1,000 nationals trapped in Wuhan which is an epicenter of COVID-19. Pak still gives no response to the evacuation pleas of those people trapped in Wuhan, China.

The death toll has increased to 2,592 along with 150 new losses. Whereas the confirmed cases have seen a rise over 77, 000 said by Chinese health officials on Monday.

Coronavirus spreads in 30 countries outside China:

The virus has affected 30 countries outside of China. The records mentioned below are as per CNN,

India (3cases)

Iran (43cases, 8deaths)

Italy (152cases, 3deaths)

Japan (838cases, including 691 on a cruise ship, 4deaths)

Macao (10cases)

Malaysia (22cases)

Israel (1case)

Lebanon (1case)

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