Corona virus world update: A positive hope of moving forward and defeating this pandemic

This corona virus has taken the lives of about 316,959 people in a very short span of time and has affected a huge count of people  round 4.8 million. Well, despite of this death rate, there are around 1.86 million people who have successfully defeated this pandemic.

However, a special meeting has started with the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), named World Health Assembly (WHA) today and is supposed to put forward a full-fledged report regarding an independent investigation at the core of this deadly virus. Moreover, this report or draft needs to be backed up by at least 2/3rd of the members which is around 129.

 Furthermore, for the time being, remdesivir has been authorized for emergency use by the US FDA.

UK PM to relax travel restrictions seeing the lowest per day death count

Since March, UK has been facing the worst face of this COVID-19 and recently registered the death count of 170 yesterday which is perhaps the lowest count. But media put forward a totally different side of this reduced count as it may be because the death has been usually lower on weekends in comparison to week days.

Moreover, the health officials of England have said that the system they use for COVID-19 notifications has not been working for a long time which can be the reason for this reduced death count. 

On the other hand, France and Britain are still doubtful about the need of visitors coming from France to UK being quarantined for 14 days. Also, media has shared the news that Britain has still not concluded anything regarding this and has decided not to inflict the quarantine. 

Russia observed case count which is less than 10,000

It’s been consistent three days that Russia has reported a total count of less that 10,000 cases in total. However, people more that 290,000 has been hit by this life-threatening corona virus and the country has reported the second highest number of total COVID-19 positive cases in the entire world after USA.

Recently, on Monday the country hasreported 8,926 new cases with 91 new deaths which is a positive sign as for much of may the country has registered over 10,000 COVID-19 positive cases per day.

Case decline observed in Italy and death rate declined in Spain leading to re-opening of travel within regions in Italy

Spain has already reached to the lowest death rate as compared to last two months which is about 100 deaths in a day. As a result, the country has already started removing the restrictions in some selective areas excluding the most affected spots like Barcelona and Madrid. On Sunday, May 17, 2020 Italy has registered the lowest number of deaths and new cases since March 9 and has actually saw 145 deaths and 675 new cases which are relevant to the actual counts on March 4, 2020. And the country has actually been spotted opening all the cafes, restaurants and religious places following all the precautionary measures.

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