Countries Having High Reckoning Of Corona Virus Cases And Deaths

Today, corona virus has created panic in each andevery corner of the planet. This threatening COVID-19 has actually lockedbillions of people in their houses as the situation went out of control and thehealth centers could not handle it.

Corona virus has been detected first in China, lastyear and from that day, this has taken the entire world in its grip. Moreover,WHO (World Health Organization) has declared it to be a pandemic seeing the wayit is influencing people. The deadly virus is spreading at such a pace that thetotal number of cases has reached to 1,452,378 among which 83,614 people havealready died and 282,147 have successfully recovered.

Furthermore, the country that has the most severeeffects is Europe along with Italy and Spain.

Counts of confirmed cases of COVID-19 insome most affected countries:

After getting the first case detected in 2019, itdid not take time to the hundred counts. However, the virus has been hittingItaly and Spain very badly but the effect on other countries is alsofrightening. Here is some description of confirmed cases in some particularcountries starting from 100th case:

In addition to Italy and Spain, UK and US have beenthe target of this pandemic and are a few weeks behind the most affected countries.

Log scale representing death rates insome particular countries:

Well, rather than looking at this log scalerepresenting counts of confirmed cases, the log scale indicating death rates invarious countries is more informative. And from the very first death of aCOVID-19 patient, it has been increasing rapidly all over the world. Some ofthe information is given in the form of a log scale below:

Although in China from where this havoc of coronavirus started, seems to have passed its peak for now whereas in other parts ofthe world, this threatening virus is still daunting people.

Confirmed cases of people with positiveCOVID-19 in Asia:

In the entire Asia, Hubei has the highest count ofCOVID-19 patients around 67,803 being confirmed whereas in South Korea, thetotal count of confirmed cases of corona virus patients has reached up to10,384. However, Vietnam and Hong Kong has the least number of people sufferingfrom this disease and the count is about 251 and 960 respectively.

Most affected countries in Europe,Middle East and North Africa:

Among all the countries, Spain has reported thehighest number of confirmed corona virus cases i.e. the count has reached to146,690 patients suffering from this pandemic. Moreover, Italy is the countrythat had got hit hardly by this virus after Spain having a total count of135,586 patients fighting against this deadly disease. Likewise, in Germanyand France the total count of corona virus cases has reached up to 109,329 and109,069 respectively with UK being in the threat of getting more cases after 55,242of positive COVID-19 patients.

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