Everything you need to know about IVF Cost in India

Generally, the IVF cost for a single treatment cycle rangers between 90,000 rupees to 200,000 rupees. This complete cost includes the doctor’s charges, medicinal expenses, injections, and other important expenses. However, this is not a fixed price as it can vary from person to person, depending upon their health, infertility problems, and other factors.

An idea of IVF Cost

Moreover, it has been found that the IVF treatment price varies in different hospitals and cities. It might surprise you greatly that a lot of couples have even spent 300,000 to 400,000 rupees on this treatment in the early stages. Also, this treatment has proved to be a failure for a few couples even after spending so much money. But don’t panic, this information is not intended to make you feel disheartened or confused. If you’re planning to have a Test-Tube baby, you can proceed without any worries.

The fertility issues of every couple are different, which is why you should never compare yourself with others. There is a great possibility for you to get the perfect treatment at an affordable price. You can always search for a hospital that offers the best quality treatments at discounted prices.

There are many insurance programs available for couples who can’t afford the whole treatment expenses. Although, these insurance programs don’t cover the entire treatment cost, yet these cut down the expenses to a great extent. Thus, you can always ask your doctor and sign up for these insurance programs. Also, you can sign up for IVF refund programs, if available.

What All Is Included In Treatment Cost Of IVF Cycle?

IVF is a very complicated procedure and its treatment plan is divided into various components like tests, scans, and other important activities. Thus, you need to pay the doctors, nurses, and also buy all the tools required for the treatment.

To provide you with a vivid idea, here is everything included in the IVF treatment that you need to pay for.

1. Tests

Tests are the very first phase of most medical treatments. In this case, common tests like blood tests, semen analysis, ovary test, and pregnancy causing hormones are performed.

2. Ultrasound

The Ultrasound provides a clear picture of the current condition of the ovary and helps to find out that the eggs are ready for the retrieval process or not.
The Ultrasound is used by doctors to know the shape and structure of the uterus, specifications of the ovary, lining condition of the uterus and the numbers of eggs.

3. Follicles and Eggs Recovery

To move further with the IVF treatment, the doctors always need to monitor the time for the recovery of eggs.

4. Concoct Sperm For Fertilization

To increase the chances of fertilization, the doctors perform a centrifugal process. In the process, a formulation process is used by the doctor to make the sperm of your partner or donor more powerful for fertilization.

5. Embryo Culturing

After this, the egg and sperm are combined by doctors in the lab for the fertilization process. After storing the embryos in the lab for 5-6 days, the highest quality embryo is chosen for the final phase.

6. Transfer

In the final phase i.e. transformation, the embryo is transformed in the uterus when it is in a good condition.

Other Costs that are not included in the IVF Cycle


As the anaesthesia is performed by an outside doctor before the processes of transformation and egg retrieval, you need to pay separately for it.


Various items such as the injections, medicines, fertility drugs, and hormonal injections are also separately paid for.

Storing the embryo

As advised by doctors, it is best suited for couples to store embryos for the future. For this, you need to pay separately for special embryo storage services.

Other Factors that Contribute to the Cost of IVF

Many different factors can contribute to the total Test tube baby price. As every case is unique, the doctors might have to perform different procedures for different patients.

Sperm/Egg contribution

If a has contributed their eggs for your IVF treatment, then you need to pay them. This cost is not for your IVF treatment, but it is a lump-sum amount for their eggs.


Surrogacy has become a great option for couples to get a baby by hiring a surrogate mother to conceive for them. This method is mostly utilized by couples when the mother’s womb is not strong enough to carry a baby. In such cases, you need to pay all the expenses to the surrogate mother.

 Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is quite economical. On the other hand, this is not a sure shot solution and in case it fails, you need to pay for the whole process.


In the case of male infertility, a process called the Testicular Sperm Extraction Procedure (TESE) can be performed under a local sedative. This way the sperm can be reprocessed into the testicles, but you need to pay separately for this.

 PGS and PGD

Before the embryo transformation, PGS procedure can be performed to check if there are any chromosomal abnormalities. The PGS screening process also helps in identifying the missing chromosomes or their low numbers. This provides a clear picture to the doctors about the reasons behind miscarriage or problems in conceiving. The PGD helps in identifying any kinds of hereditary disorders.


ICSI can prove highly beneficial for males suffering from low sperm count, motility, and quality. With ICSI procedure, the eggs can be matured faster for the fertilization process.

Clinic Charges

The test tube baby cost is mostly dependent upon the track record and success ratio of the clinic. If the success rate is perfect, the charges are higher, and vice versa.

Other Expenses

Apart from IVF cost, other expenses might include appointment fee, food, lifestyle, travel charges, and many other things. These charges are less if the clinic you selected is in or near your city but these can be high in other cities or states.
Proper research is always recommended before choosing a clinic for your IVF treatment in your city. For this, you can always ask for recommendations from your family doctor, therapist, family or friends.

Things to Remember before Performing IVF


The IVF process includes a great amount of medical and non-medical expenses including the Test Tube Baby charges and many others.


You need to understand that you don’t just have to be financially prepared but also, you need to have solid planning. This includes the selection of the best doctor and clinic with an excellent track record and complete transparency.

Discuss Everything

Make sure to discuss all your doubts and queries with the doctor for better treatment. This includes procedures, expenses, extra costs, and other important details.
If you’re ready, both mentally and financially, then don’t wait and go for the IVF treatment today.

Final Verdict

If you have completely lost hope of getting a baby, then IVF can be the best option for you. You can make your life amazing and full of happiness with a baby. Although, the procedure requires patience and a great amount of time, yet it will all seem worthy after becoming parents.

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