Follow These 5 Interesting DIY Tips To Clean Window Shutters

There are many things which we miss to do in our day to day life and cleaning our window shutters is one of them. Fortunately, it is easy to clean window shutters by paying attention to a few important things. In fact, cleaning shutters is considered to be one of the easiest of all the window dressing. There are many quick DIY tips that you can follow to keep your shutters looking brand new.

It is essential to clean the shutters because it not only adds to the beautification of your place, it brings many other benefits as well. Shutter Windows are easy to install and they require less maintenance. Taking plantation shutters into consideration, you will find the cleaning task so easy because it does not has hooks and pleats. Also, you need not require any ladder to take them out from the windows for the cleaning purpose. And the best advantage of having shutters is that it’s super quick.

Here is a list of some DIY tips that you can follow to clean shutters. You will be amazed after reading the tips because the shutter cleaning task really requires a little from your end.

Dusting of each slat

To clean your window shutters, you must take a dry, unpolished dusting cloth. Open the slats and start the process of dusting each slat one by one. Don’t forget to do the same process on the opposite side. You can also do the dusting microfiber cloth if the window shutters are within the reach to clean.

You can also use an extendable feather duster if the shutters are too far from your reach. If the window shutters are solid, you simply dust down it with your cloth to get perfect clean window shutters.

Move up and down

If you don’t have much time and you prefer to clean several shutter slats all together, you must go for a slatted blind cleaner. They are perfectly used for cleaning purposes. You need to start the cleaning process simply from the top to the bottom of the slats.

It is simple to vacuum clean the dust of the shutters with the help of a deep cleaner. Make sure you are highly attentive with the nozzle especially if you have light color shutters at your place. You are recommended to use soft brush nozzle which does not have hard-edged for metal nozzle as it can scratch the surface.  

Wipe off the heavier stains

If you have the shutters in the area which are more prone to heavy stains, don’t worry the cleaning process is yet simple. Whether you have to clean the flashes from the kitchen sink, or it’s the fingerprint marks given by your toddlers in their playroom, you can wipe down the heavy stains as well.

If you have wooden shutters, you need to take a slightly damp cloth and clean the shutter until it gives a clean look. Once done, immediately dry the surface with a dry cloth so that there are no chances of moisture percolation on the wood. If you have Waterproof Polyvinyl Shutters, try using a damper cloth to easily wipe all the stains away.

Paint the stains that are not cleaning

If you have not cleaned your shutters for a long time and you can see wear and tear problem, try removing the pesky stain with shutter paint. With a small paintbrush, you can give a touch up to the stained area. It will help your shutters in giving a new and shiny look.  

Avoiding casual mistakes

Avoid using water

Most of the people have plantation shutters and their homes which are usually made of wood. So, cleaning them with water is not at all a good idea. There is only in need to do a regular dusting with a dry cloth to maintain the plantation shutters. using too much water can cause the wood to warp or lose its color.  

Limit the use of liquid cleaners

Generally, you need to clean the shutters simply by dusting them with a cloth. Though the idea of cleaning the shutters with vinegar is good, you should not do this repeatedly. Try to use liquid cleaners only when your shutters are very dirty. It’s better to use a liquid cleaners for cleaning plantation shutters and clean window shutters.

Dust the shutters frequently

You should make a habit of dusting the shutters every week. If you are doing dusting regularly, you would not require liquid cleaners for cleaning purposes. Remember, with plantation shutters should not have excessive exposure to any kind of moisture.

If you are looking for a shutter in India, you will get a variety of options on real as well as virtual stores. Hopefully, these DIY tips will help you in taking proper maintenance of your shutters. make sure you follow all the do’s and don’ts properly so that you can keep your shutters looking new every time you look at them.

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