Health Tips for Teenagers

As per dictionaries, health means the condition of being free from injuries and illness. However, there is much more to it. Another school of physicians, says that health is not just the absence of infirmity or disease. It is a complete condition of physical, social and mental well-being of a person. Being healthy means leading a satisfying and active life. There are various categories of health such as physical, emotional, mental and behavioral health. Several health tips can help you to stay healthy in every way. However, if you are a teenager or you have one at home, they require some extra care too.

Better health tips

This article is all about the best suggestions and tips that we can give you about each health category that we mentioned previously.

Physical health

The following are the most important health tips for a teenager’s physical health.

1. Exercise

We all know that participating in physical activities should become a habit for everyone irrespective of their age. Especially, when it comes to teenagers, it is more important that they exercise regularly. It will ensure proper muscle development and also keep them away from problems such as obesity.

2. Eating healthy

Children adopt eating habits from their family when they are still small. As parents, it is our responsibility that we supervise the eating habits of our children and encourage them to eat healthily. That is when the kids will grow up to become healthy adults. Teenagers must include enough proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and more.

3. Sleep well

Teenagers must sleep 8-9 hours on an average daily. Good sleep has a direct effect on concentration and academic performance. If you sleep well, you can focus better on all your daily activities.

4. Weight management

It is important that teenagers to stay away from everything that can cause obesity. Teenagers who are obese are more likely to grow up into unhealthy adults. They are always more prone to chronic illnesses, bullying, depression and other diseases.

5. Regular vaccinations

Make sure you are given a flu shot annually. Also, make sure to remind your parents about the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine is extremely important, especially for females. It can prevent a lot of cancers, for example, cervical cancers.

6. Oral health

Oral health care is extremely important from the time when a child cannot even stand up. As you become a teenager, brushing twice a day and doing proper flossing is very important. Ignoring such habits may result in odorous breath leading to embarrassing situations. Besides, you may also experience other problems such as swelling gums, toothache and more.

Mental health

Now we are listing the mental health tips here.

1. Stress management

Stress is always uninvited and you cannot even ignore it. Even as teenagers, stress is a common problem. It may happen due to fights with friends or academic pressure or peer pressure to do well in life. However, managing stress is your responsibility. You must stay calm during stressful situations always. Meditation is a great way to stay away from stress and anxiety.

2. Academics

Try to work hard and do well in school and life later. There is no substitute for hard work and so to prove yourself, you must keep challenging yourself. Good health is directly linked with good results and a lot of appreciation. To achieve that, you must keep working hard.

3. Care for your parents

Your parents are the ones who are always going to support you no matter what the situation is. You must know that they will always want the best for you. Do not argue and behave badly with them when they try to scold you for something or try to set rules for you. Remember your parents are not going to stay with you forever, so try and make the most of your time with them now.

4. Work-life balance

Well, we know that sounds more like an adult thing, but teenagers need that too. School and studies are huge responsibilities and like they always say “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. So, you must work hard and also make some time for yourself and your family. Moreover, this habit is going to take you a long way.

5. Do not take an extra load

Loading yourself with more than you can handle is not good at all. Try to take pursue activities and goal in a certain limit and work hard on them. It is always better to take up a few responsibilities and put in your maximum effort in those rather than doing everything half-heartedly.

Emotional health

Now, after we have discussed the health tips related to your body and mind, it is time that we also take care of all your feelings. The following are the main causes of emotional problems:

  • Anxiety
  • Extreme personality changes
  • Depression
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Improper appetite
  • Constant boredom

To control the following problems, you need to:

  1. Ask for adult help when you feel you are facing some kind of problem. Negativity is never a normal teenage issue.
  2. Share your thoughts and feelings with an adult who is close to you. For example, you can share everything with your mother and always trust her with all your secrets.
  3. To improve your self-esteem, feel confident about who you are. We must always accept ourselves just the way we are.

Behavioral health

Last but not least, we should know a little about some of the health tips for healthier behavior.

  1. Stay away from addictions and bad habits such as drugs and substance.
  2. Most of the teenagers want to drive on their own because that is kind of cool. There is, of course, the right time for that. You must also abide by all the road safety rules before driving your vehicle.
  3. Stay away from unnecessary fights and violent situations.
  4. Most importantly, try to get some knowledge about safe sex and make sure you practice that.

Final thoughts

Teenage is the time when the mind and the body transforms towards maturity. It is an extremely sensitive phase for every child. Parents should be extra careful and groom them to become responsible teenagers and then good adults.

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