High Court says, “Can’t let 1984 happening again” on Toxic Delhi Violence

About 23 people are killed, along with the Intelligence Bureau officer. His body was found in Jaffrabad in a drainpipe. Other than that, 180 plus people are injured.

New Delhi

Justice S Muralidhar of Delhi High Court says that ‘we cannot let 1984 happen again”. The message is a strong-worded directed to the government in the center and in Delhi. He says they both need to fight the unrelenting violent situation happening in the parts of national capital (Delhi) for continuous four days today.

The comment of the court came out after it saw a video by Kapil Mishra, BJP leader. The history of Mishra shows a lot of hate-filled communal rants. Currently he is doing the same in yet another provocative speech at northeast Delhi’s Maujpur, Sunday noon.

Around 23 people are killed in the violence including a Delhi officer and an Intelligence Bureau officer. Moreover, around 180 plus people are severely hurt in the clashes. The clashes started on Sunday afternoon by the groups for and against the highly debated citizenship law in Maujpur. It happened during the time when Kapil Mishra was speaking there.

“We cannot let 1984 happen again, not under the observation of this court”, Justice S Muralidhar, he also adds, “We also heard about an IB officer’s death. Such things should be immediately be controlled and looked into”.

The court also mentioned anti-Sikh riots which resulted in deaths of more than 3,000 people in Delhi only.

The court states that Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia should visit the areas that are affected and should take “confidence-building measures amongst people”, and instructs the Delhi police to make sure that passage to medical institutions is safe for the people with proper facilities.

The atmosphere during this afternoon in the high court was full of tension. High court grilled Lawyer General Tushar Mehta who was there for Delhi police, over Mishra’s video and a request. The request was written late previous night, which lodged of FIRs and arrests of people who were involved in the violence. The request mentioned to Mishra’s video and stated him responsible for provocative and composing violence.

After asking about if Mehta and Delhi police have seen the video to which he claims, he had not seen television. Resulting to this, a senior police officer speaks, he has seen speeches of Anurag Thakur, Union Minister and Parvesh Verma, BJP MP. They both have made hate-filled communal rants back to back but have seen rants by Kapil Mishra.

Justice Muralidhar asked the staff of the court to “play Mishra’s video clip in front of everyone present in the courtroom”.  Resulting to this, Mr. Thakur was captured on video saying, “goli maaro” (gun down) traitors, before sole gunmen fires at an anti-CAA protestor in Delhi.

Extraordinary levels of violence are wrapped in Delhi from the previous four days. It is happening during the time US President Donald Trump appeared in the country.

To the whole scenario happening, Prime Minister Modi appealed the citizens of the capital to “maintain peace and harmony”.

Contradicting the statements by senior police officers. Delhi the Union Home Ministry says, the situation was under the control and sufficient forces were available during the time.

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