How to Lose Belly Fat in Three Months and How to Maintain?

You might think that losing belly fat is more about getting into skinny jeans. But, there’s much more to the story you might not be aware of. It is evident that folks with lesser belly fat keep fit in the long run. They look younger, smarter and charismatic. Also, there is a multitude of benefits in losing belly fat. Many want to lose belly fat so they can remain disease-free. It wards off a thousand health hazards.

A study shows that losing belly fat reduces the risks of type-2 diabetes. It also lessens the risk of fatal heart diseases. But, it is important to understand that losing belly fat is no rocket science. It is rather a scientific process to be in good health. One needs to remain patient and consistent throughout.

It hardly means that you cannot indulge in cheat meals. Rather, it means that you have to prioritize things. You need to weigh the importance of overall wellbeing and act accordingly. In this blog, we will see how we can achieve a flat-tummy with ease.

How to lose belly fat naturally?

This is a recurrent problem faced by the urban middle-class. It is a problem that makes us feel insecure, at times. Visceral belly fat is often measured by our waist’s circumference. One can do this at home without much ado. Anything about 35 inches is abnormal in women. While anything above 40 inches is unusual for men. Abdominal obesity is a curse for the urban elite. Jotted down are some proven scientific ways to lose belly fat naturally:

1. Try to avoid sugary drinks as much as possible

Processed sugar can be really harmful. It invites abdominal obesity, to say the least. There is evidence that it harms the body’s natural metabolism. Now, sugar is partly fructose and partly glucose. Fructose is often metabolized in the liver. Intake of sugary drinks leads to the accumulation of fructose in the liver. This, in turn, leads to an enlarged tummy. An enlarged tummy is a host of health disorders. Make a firm decision today. Cut down sugary drinks from your diet completely

2. Eat proteins to lose belly fat

Protein is a vital macronutrient that leads to loss of belly fat. Proteins reduce food cravings a great deal. If you’re aiming at achieving a flat-belly, having protein-rich diets will be effective. Not only this, if we replace carbs by proteins, we can avoid regaining belly fat. Even if you are a vegan, you will have multiple options to increase protein intake.

3. Why is it important to cut down carbohydrates?

Carbohydrate-restriction remains important. This finding has been supported by numerous studies. Low-carbohydrate diets are, at times, more beneficial than low-fat diets. Low-carb groups can indulge in food a little more. This is untrue for low-fat groups. They remain calorie-restricted & hungry. Low carbohydrate diets reduce water retention at large. They target our belly & liver scientifically.

4. Eat fiber-rich food

Fiber is just an indigestible plant residue. Eating fiber is an effective strategy to lose belly fat. Fiber eases the movement of bowels. It also helps in optimal expulsion. Fibers protect the gut against most harm. Fiber imparts a certain kind of fullness leading to a reduction in appetite. Eat whole fruits, veggies and cereals like oat. This is how you can opt for a fiber-rich diet regimen.

5. Exercise

Abdominal exercises like planks and stretches keep belly fat away. Also, they boost our blood circulation. Only 30 minutes of daily exercise will play the card for you. Exercise also reduces inflammation & benefits the body in every possible manner.

How to lose belly fat overnight?

  • Stand up tall: Standing up tall makes us look slimmer. How to make this a practice? Try to perform pilates. This is the best way to strengthen muscles & improve posture.
  • Dress yourself in a belly-flattening way: The right attire can save your day. It gives you an array of belly-flattening benefits. Here’s a shout out to all the curvy women out there. Avoid wearing clothes that accentuate your waist. Experiment with floral, patterns and also geometric prints.
  • Never skimp on sleep: Lack of sleep might cause hormonal imbalances. This makes your body look bloated. Make sure to get adequate sleep to look slim every single day.
  • Drink lime-water: Lukewarm water with added lime can do miracles. It boosts the body’s metabolism at large and makes us sweat. Intake of lime water before exercise can do wonder. You will start to lose belly fat  Follow this home remedy for that radiating glow every single day.

Strategies on how to lose belly fat in three months

Month 1

Step 1: Eliminate junk off your dietary regimen. This will include cakes, candy and that bag of chips. Toss them in the trash can. Never make any further attempts to purchase them.

Step 2: Bid good-bye to soda and aerated drinks. Be it home or restaurant, be certain to avoid them. They provide no nourishment at all. So, better avoid soda to be in good shape.

Step 3: Drink at least four liters of fluids daily. This imparts fullness and induces severe loss of appetite. This is the single most effective way to avoid binge-eating.

Month 2

Step 1: Practice to exercise every single day. This can be termed as the intermediate stage. So, make a habit to indulge in cardiovascular exercises. Start with a brisk walk. As you progress, do jogging, swimming & running. Exercise will help you lose belly fat faster.

Step 2: Increase intake of whole fruits and veggies. Do make sure to stock your refrigerator with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Step 3: Restrict the intake of carbohydrates just before hitting the bed. This aids better digestion and optimal expulsion.

Month 3

Step 1: Increase the time of exercise in your routine lifestyle. This will burn unhealthy calories and you’ll lose belly fat miraculously.

Step 2: Start performing crunches and sit-ups. They will boost your overall being too.

Step 3: Never cut-down on sleep. This will check all kinds of hormonal imbalances. You will start to look charismatic in no time.

Final thoughts

Losing belly fat is no rocket-science. It may seem too difficult in the beginning. But, a methodological approach will definitely be useful in the long run. Take things inch-by-inch. This will help you to remain disciplines besides keeping fit. It is important that you not only go through the process of transformation but also maintain it by following a proper exercise and diet regimen after the 90-day cycle. Only then can you maintain your weight and not go back to being overweight again.

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