How to plan a budget-savvy destination wedding ceremony

tips and tricks to plan budget savvy destination wedding

As we talk of a destination wedding ceremony, the idea of luxury and exotic view pops-up in our mind. People choose ceremonies to happen at a place far from either a groom’s city or bride’s. From the past few years, the trend of doing destination ceremonies is increasing. India is known for its majestic and magnificent marriages. Most of the times, such wedding ceremonies can be extravagant and can make one bank corrupt. But this all can be handled if one follows wedding budget tips and making lists of the things cost-friendly.

Destination ceremonies can be a really good option for all the couples and their families to have a nice memory for years to come. There are many places all across the globe which can be a great choice. But there are some do’s and do not’s which needs to be kept in mind. So, let’s start with the journey of planning a budget savvy destination wedding ceremony

1.Decide a wedding location

It is one thing which needs to be decided in the very first place. Most of the people do a mistake while choosing the right budget-friendly location. This can be sorted in a few ways.

  • Choose famous destination’s small farmhouses or resorts – India is known for its beauty and outlandish locations. This is the reason that places like Goa, Rajasthan and hill stations can be a perfect location. There is no need to go fancy all the time. Locations like these have local resorts and farmhouses on which one can put their faith completely.
  • Unconventional destinations are the best location – there are less profitmaking places like Daman, Corbett, Mussorie, etc. which have great places and deals for wedding couples and marriages. Unconventional location can be best and adds money value.
  • Choose more or less destination ceremony places – the more or less destination ceremony places are located just nearby the town. There are many great options for people like Lonavala, Landsdowne, alibaug, etc. These places would give you no less experience than a foreign planned wedding.

2. Plan your décor under a certain amount

  • After planning your destination, plan your wedding décor under a certain amount. Let the place be natural and speak for its own beauty. Adding flowers to the décor is cliché rather go for fun and new young choices, for example, frames, mason bottles, curtains, candles, etc.
  • If the function is anywhere indoor then candles or a smart centerpiece on the table can do enough for the decoration. After all, a ballroom or a function hall has its own interior.
  • Try local vendors for flowers and choose marigolds as they are always in budget.
  • Opt for fancy lights whenever out of options.

3.Think about wedding food menus and catering cleverly

Destination ceremonies include one thing which is serving your guests with three-course meals. This can be a burden on some but it can be handled very smartly.

Here are some tricks.

  • Try getting brunch buffet package with the choice of your hotel.
  • Go for quality over quantity. Do not add too many dishes on the course meal plan. Keep it simple and minimalistic.
  • If the guests on the list are vegetarians and nonalcoholic then miniatures can be served in the room instead. This won’t disappoint any of your guests on the list.
  • Add a few options in the dessert. Rather for one or two desserts.
  • If you are not very fond of cakes then leave the wedding cake.
  • If the breakfast is too heavy then go for adding light lunch. Or one can directly jump on the evening tea and snacks.

4.Off time of year is your BFF

Off time of the year can be a golden period for love birds. The rates in such a period are almost 50% to 60% off. If you are planning for an off-season wedding ceremony then there have to be some compromises. The location which you choose should have bearable weather. Plan the functions in view of that.

Also, early birds are always welcomed by all. By planning everything in advance from vendors, food, and location, etc. it all can be a great benefit. Bookings in bulk can be a great option. Take care of booking airline tickets in advance.

5.Less is more

This is a great option to go for. Let the destination wedding ceremony be more intimate. Keep your guest list limited. Invite only those people who are very very close to your hearts. Avoid adding friends you are no more in contact or the unnecessary relatives or neighbors. This would impact hugely on your budget.

6. Hold onto local

Sometimes, local vendors are better than professionals. If the local vendors provide you with quality work and material then there is nothing wrong in opting for that. Cities in India like Udaipur, Goa, Jaisalmer, etc. happen to have fixed stream of the marriage business. One will be able to find great local vendors, makeup artists, decorators, etc. Hire a nice local photographer if there happen to be one. Do not compromise on everything but if you get the best local never delay on that.

7. Strategize your wedding outfits and makeup

Often people do a mistake by spending heavy amounts on wedding outfits. The best solution for this can be renting the wedding attires. This is by far the best way to cut off the prices. Also, a piece of brand jewelry can be much more expensive than normal ones. Opt for a local trusted makeup artist. This all needs to be sorted a few months before the wedding.

8. Go for deep ideas and request for a price cut

Make your guests feel important and valued. Opt for delightful gestures like:

  • Food munchies in their car from the airport.
  • Cute invitations in their bedrooms.
  • DIY gifts for them etc.

Do not ever hesitate to ask for discounts. Try getting discounts on everything you can. These small discounts will make a huge difference in the whole budget.

Follow these points and you won’t go wrong anywhere while planning your destination wedding ceremony.

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