Best Ideas How to Propose Your Partner for Marriage?

We all know how nervous you are feeling right now. If the butterflies in the stomach are making things more difficult for you, we are here to help. Just think of something exciting and romantic. You now have to decide what kind of a proposal you can execute. For example, if you want a cute proposal or a proposal at some beautiful location.

There are so many ideas that you can choose from. If you worry about how you will pop the question, we will help you with the rest of the ideas. We know that the proposals are those which remind a couple of all the happy memories they have spent together.

This article is all about the most creative and romantic ideas how to propose to your partner for marriage. If you want to make the whole event even more memorable, we suggest that you hire a professional photographer who can capture those beautiful moments.

Some of the best ideas how to propose

Here are some of the best ideas that you can choose from to make your special day memorable.

1. Public proposal

  • You can select a nice place where you and your partner have spent some happy times together. For example, go to the park or the hotel where you both started your journey.
  • You can also select a gorgeous historical monument. You do not even need a professional photographer in this case. Just request someone to click a picture while you drop down on one knee with a ring in your hand.
  • Choose a public location and arrange a drum line or brass band for a surprise performance. Tell them to play your partner’s favorite song. If you want to make it more special, ask the choir if they can include your partner’s name in the songs.

2. Destination proposal ideas

  • You will first have to plan a surprise weekend trip for just the two of you. Book the flight tickets and plan along with the flight staff to announce your proposal dramatically. Proposing at that height is no doubt one of the best ideas how to propose.
  • While you are on a vacation, rent a bike or scooter and plan a city tour with your partner. Remind her that wearing a helmet is a must. Hand her one helmet and tell her to find the hidden gift inside. You have to play the trick wisely and hide the ring inside the helmet nicely.
  • After a long day of your city-tour, plan a quiet and romantic dinner. Book a room and arrange everything starting from roses, champagne, and candles. After dinner, when you head up to the room, it is time for the big surprise.

3. Some cute proposal ideas

  • Call your close family and all your common friends. Arrange a party and give every one t-shirt with a letter printed on them which together stands for “will you marry me?” Now in the middle of the party suggest a photograph and tell the friends to pose in order of their t-shirts. As your fiancé gets to see the picture, she will understand the message.
  • You can try a very creative idea by sticking letter magnets to the refrigerator. Arrange all the letters that spell “will you marry me?” and wait for the correct time. Your partner has never been so happy to open the refrigerator door.
  • Go back to your childhood days and talk about the memories together. As you take a joyride on the time machine, take your partner to a place where you both love to hang out. Write a message in sidewalk chalk on the driveway or street beside that special place.

4. Ideas how to propose at home

  • Surprise your partner with a wall of memories. Choose the room that you both love the most and put up all the photos of you both together on this wall. Decorate with more ribbons and balloons. Let her enter the room where the surprise is waiting and as she turns back at you, bend on one knee and pop out the ring. This is going to be amazingly romantic.
  • Do you both like movies and you think your proposal should look like one just out of one of those mushy, romantic movies? This is one of the best ideas how to propose to your partner. Switch off all the lights in the house and light candles all around. Arrange the candles in a way that reaches the position where you have placed the ring. Make a heart pattern with rose petals over here. Scented candles will set the right mood for you both.
  • Suppose, it is a rainy day and you and your partner have a lot of time to spend together. You can design a jigsaw puzzle with the pictures of you two and the letters of “will you marry me?”. Let her solve the puzzle and figure out the proposal.

5. Technical proposals

  • Ask a friend to click pictures of you with different placards with the words “will”, “you”, “marry”, “me” written on each of them. Now ask your fiancé to meet you and while she is on the way keep sending her the pictures one by one. By the time she reaches the meeting spot, send her the last picture and bend on your knees with the ring. How creative is that?
  • Set up a live streaming channel and invite close family and friends to watch it. Pop the question to your partner and let everyone else witness this special moment
  • You can add a proposal song to your partner’s playlist that he or she listens to regularly. You can also create a surprise podcast with a set of some romantic songs to let her guess the hint. As she figures out, bring out the ring and pop that special question. She is going to be on cloud nine for sure.

Now you are full of ideas and it is finally time to choose one of these. Call your friends and family to support and surprise your partner in the most romantic way possible.

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