Importance of Mobile Applications in Our Daily Life

The world is becoming digitalized with every passing day. A country’s development rate largely depends on how well people accept modern technology. Life is different from how it was ten years back. People move fast and work faster now. There is a rat-race wherever you go and money’s worth is practically reducing every day. However, every one of us is running behind how much money we can earn.

Earlier, in a household, the man was the bread-earner of the family. Now with women taking over patriarchy, equality dwells all over the world. Both the partners work hand-in-hand to provide for the family and help in making life better. On the contrary, time management has become a problem. Going out every morning means there is no time for shopping for household items. Also, there is so less time to relax that people have discovered ways to entertain themselves on the way. Mobile applications have come down as a boon to the society at this time.

The following are the most popular applications in various niche. They make life easier by bringing everything at your door-step by just a click of a button.

How are Food Apps helpful?

After a long, tiring day a hearty meal is what you could enjoy the most but cooking sounds like a nightmare. It is now possible for you to enjoy a yummy plate of your favorite food while you sit on your cozy couch and follow up on your show. Also, on a weekend when you have invited guests over for a brunch but you also have lots of cleaning to be done. Food applications can help you come out pf such soup. After all, no one likes to get sweaty in the kitchen wearing a lovely dress and make-up.

To solve all of these problems and to please yourself as well as family and friends with lip-smacking food, you have so many food delivery apps. They are designed in a way that helps you enjoy gourmet dishes to the most comfort food when you are alone. The best part is that you do not even have to go to the place physically. Just sit on your bed, log in to the app, go through all the restaurants that deliver at your location, select the dishes and portions and there you are.

Popular Food Ordering Apps

The other benefit of ordering food online is that you can avail all the offers and discounts that are always available in the apps. They are designed to suit every budget and requirement. You can order from:

  • Swiggy
  • Zomato
  • Uber Eats
  • Food Panda
  • Dominoes
  • Pizza Hut

There are other apps that give out discount vouchers online when you go an eat at a restaurant. There are schemes and packages that you can purchase at a time and avail over time in several premium restaurants. For example, Groupon, Dine Out, and Zomato Gold have such exclusive offers.

Common Mobile Applications For Music

Earlier on, the radio and television were the only means of entertainment when it came to music. Today, you do not even have much time to sit in front of the TV and listen to recent songs. Thanks to digitalization that you can enjoy music on the go. Be it the FM Radio already installed in your smartphone or the several free music apps that help you scroll through all the chartbusters and play your favorite songs.

You can install more than one music app on your android phone and keep playing songs whenever you want. Just plug in your earplugs and there you are enjoying the latest music anywhere you are. You can even create your own playlist when you feel lazy to scroll all through the gallery. The most used music apps are:

  • Spotify
  • Saavn
  • com
  • Amazon Music
  • Google Play Music
  • You Tube
  • Jio Music

These are mainly Indian applications that are easily available on Google Play. Other than these there are foreign applications out of which some are free and some you have to subscribe to get the prime version.

Other Movies and Entertainment Mobile Applications

Other than music, we also feel like binge-watching our favorite movies and there is a solution for that as well. You can download and subscribe to the movie apps and enjoy your daily soaps both the national and International ones along with them. You also get a huge range of web-series which have come in with the modern entertainment wave.

What are the benefits?

There are monthly and annual packages if you want to subscribe to any of them. There is also a line of free serials, web -series and, movies that you can watch even if you do not take up a subscription. These apps save you a lot of time that would have been required otherwise to go to the theatre and watch a movie. Besides, you just have to subscribe once and watch any movie for the rest of the month or year. The whole subscription will cost you what you would otherwise spend for a one-day movie ticket. Moreover, you have to watch whatever movie has been put up in the theatre. With the help of these apps, you can lie on your bed and watch whichever movie you feel like. The most popular Mobile Applications for movie are:

  • Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Viu
  • Jio Movies
  • Eros Movies

Nowadays, all the prime channels also caste their shows on these apps and some even have specified online channels. In case, the timing of your favorite show does not match with your work hours, you can always watch the episodes as per your convenience.

Grocery, Medicines and Other Shopping Mobile Applications

We have already listed that time crunch is a major issue when both the partners are working outside. The lack of time means daily shopping takes a back seat. Everything has become just so easy now. While you come out of the office, just sit in the cab and order all the vegetables and grocery along with any medicine that is needed. Till the time you reach home, the delivery man will reach at your door-step with all your stuff. Extra time is thus not required for any daily shopping. These are the few apps for grocery shopping:

  • com
  • com
  • Nature’s Basket
  • Flipkart Supermarket
  • Reliance Smart
  • Flipkart Supermarket
  • DMart
  • in
  • Netmeds

If You Want to Go Fashion Shopping

Apart from your daily shopping, if there is a party or festival coming up, it is time to get decked up. However, you cannot bunk work and go shopping. Come back home and go through the fashion websites and just order whatever you need. You will be prepared with all the stuff right on time. The most popular ones Mobile Applications are:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Jabong
  • KOOVs
  • ZARA
  • Lifestyle
  • Shein

This is a complete overview of options that can resolve all your problems when it comes to using mobile applications on a daily basis.

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