Indian Cheap Wedding frugal trends to Ditch in 2020

The specialty of Indian weddings is colorful wedding days, with mouthwatering food, lavish decoration, and meets with relative’s friends after a long time. With the increase and growing market, the expenses in weeding have been increased, as compared to those of earlier days. Previously the Indian wedding was planned in a low budget, but with the change in time, it is almost impossible to design a lavish wedding in a  budget. The wedding is one of the most important days for the bride and the groom. They have been waiting for this day since long.  Indian Cheap Wedding is not only essential for the couples but also for both the families and their relatives even. All have been waiting for long to wear their new dress and enjoy delicious food and snacks with all of their dear ones.

Factors Affecting Cheap Wedding

With an increase in  Indian wedding trends, the cost of weeding is also increasing. Many factors are affecting the budget of the wedding. For example, a destination wedding, pre-wedding shoot weekend parties, etc. previously, the wedding was generally organized in a party hall, but now the trend has been shifted to hotels, resorts. The wedding is about creating a memorable time for the couple and their relatives and friends.

8 latestIndian Cheap Wedding Trends within Budget 

For the families and the couples who are eagerly wedding for the most important day, can get there special day structured within budget followed by all the latest trends in there Indian wedding.

Decide the Venue to Plan Cheap Wedding 

One of the best ways to plan a cheap wedding is to remove the concept of a destination wedding from your list. As most of the costing is indulged in a destination wedding. While choosing the wedding venue, the priority should be to select the venue near to home. Near location saves the cost of hiring cars or buses. And also, the location should be decided months before, as the rate of the banquets is way higher in the wedding season.

Minimal Flowers to Arrange Cheap Wedding 

Flowers are one of the most important choices of décor. Yes, agree the wedding is not complete without flowers, but the same can be done using minimum flowers. The option is to use the flowers only where it is essential. The flowers are one of the significant factors which the cost of a wedding. The other way to reduce the cost is to get artificial flowers for decoration. This is readily available with any of the flower shop or event organizer. This also reduces the wastage of natural resources.

Go with off Season Purchase

It is not only about wedding shopping, but all other things when purchase in off-season cost less. When things are in demand, always cost more. During the off-season, dresses shop almost offer 50% or more discount on clothes. It would be a great deal to buy wedding clothes in offseason and seek the advantage of the discount. It is not only about the clothes but all other things such as decorative materials, gifting material can also be purchased during offseason and get a discount on all of them.

Reduce the Cost by Creating own DJ

The marriage party is incomplete without loud music and dance. This is generally carried by some paid DJ. Hiring a DJ could increase the cost. in case one contact some of your friends. We all have one of the friends who are found in music and are well known for the latest music trends. We can ask to act as DJ for the wedding. If not, the music playlist will be done as per your interest as well as the interest of all those who would be available in the marriage.

Go with Wedding Planner

It has been a myth created that hiring a wedding planner can cost you more. But instead, hiring a skill and professional wedding planner can help you to decrease your wedding cost. The wedding planner is one who has the core experience to arrange a fancy wedding in a low budget. The planner is for a long time into this business, and has an active channel and can bring you more options in a low budget. He will help you to eliminate the wastage and get the best within your budget.

Reduce Decoration

The life of the wedding is the decoration. The decoration involves flowers, lighting accessories, etc. the wedding cannot be completed without decoration. One can choose to go with minimal embellishment to reduce the cost of an Indian wedding. Whereas, while selecting the venue as banquets could be the best choice. As the backdrop of the banquet hall is already decorated, which can be used in a ceremony without investing? The banquet also gives some small decorations on the table, mandap, etc. which will act as complementary for the wedding.

Managing Guest List

The guest is the light of the wedding. When you have decided to arrange your wedding with low investment, one can cut their guest list to minimal. One should avoid the unwanted guest from their list. The one who is close and essential to you should be invited rather than inviting to those whom you are not aware of. Therefore organizing the marriage with 100 guests instead of calling 500 unknown guests could be a better way for a cheap Indian wedding.

Jewelry Shopping

Buying jewelry is one of the tough tasks. The jewelry is made up of gold, diamond; platinum, etc. purchase real goal jewelry is somewhat compulsory but can be joined up with some of the artificial jewelry. For example, Kundan jewelry goes well with those of your gold jewelry and even your dress. The shopping of jewelry should be done from an ordinary shop instead of approaching to some expensive boutiques. One can also go with their grandmother or mother jewelry to go with an antique look.

It’s a Wrap

With all the above ideas, one can cut down its investment. While minimizing the cost, one should make sure nothing should be missed out. As the wedding is one of the crucial days of anyone’s life.

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