Kids Bedroom Ideas to make Small Rooms Look Spacious


It is always an exciting experience for parents to decorate the room of their little one. But if your kid’s room is small in size, decorating it can be a challenging task. So, you need to look for some of the best kids bedroom ideas to overcome the problem of lesser space.

Every parent wants that their kids must have a bright, clutter-free room to play and study. However, oddly shaped and small size room proves to be the biggest problem. Fortunately, you need not worry because by following some smart and inspiring ideas, you can easily organize space in your kid’s room.

No matter whether you want bedroom ideas for your boy or girl, the first thing is to look after the essentials. Yes, you have to pay more focus and attention to the bed and storage. This article will give you plenty of ideas to appease in some of the most appealing decorations. Though these decorations would require some extra efforts from your side, you will end up by creating a lovely space for your naughty yet creative kids. 

Tips for Decorating your Kids Bedroom

Below are stated some of the best bedroom ideas for kids rooms that don’t have much space. After reading these tips you can get an idea about organizing kid’s beds and storage spaces. Let have a look at these creative ideas.

Corner Storage in Kids Bedroom for Extra Space

 Use most of the floor space of a small bedroom, you can plan to design a bookshelf or a wardrobe in the corner of the wall. Four-shelf corner cabinet would be a perfect decision because you can store all books, toys and other essentials easily. This will take a negligible wall and floor area, making the room look giant in size.

 Get the Bed off the Ground

If you keep on worrying about the small size of your kid’s room, it will not go to expand the size on its own. For small rooms, try to get the bed of the ground that will give you additional space underneath for storage, keeping desk, dresser or anything according to your wish. This can be the best space-saving idea that will give you abundant of options to use the space below the bed.

Use the Wall Space of Kids Bedroom

Have you yet not thought of using the empty wall space? If not, take advantage of that space and add some floating shelves or racks to store books and toys. You can buy the bookshelves online or get it built at home, the choice is yours. But implementing this idea in a small room is best for additional storage space. 

 Vertical Storage is a Better Option for Kids Bedroom

When you think of managing storage in a small bedroom, built-ins can be a great idea. But if you don’t have built-ins, you can go with vertical storage solutions. It is the simplest kids bedroom ideas for the rooms which are small in size. Take benefit of the wall space to build a bookshelf or a floating toy shelf. You can store your kid’s toys, necessary supplies, stationeries and books in an organized way.

Use Light, Achromatic Colors

Color selection is a very important thing when you are concerned about the small size of your children bedroom. You must choose light and achromatic color that open up the small bedroom and give it a large appearance. Mild blue is a good color to paint on the walls of your toddler’s room. Also, you can choose a light bluish grey color which will give a fresh stylish look to the room.

Keep the Color of Floor Boards and Walls Similar

You must always thank a light color scheme inside the room which gives an extended look to the room. So, if you paint the floorboards with a similar color to the walls, nobody entering the room would be able to guess its size. You can choose to who plays carpet on the floor but an uncover floorboard will give a more spacious look to the room. Instead of carpet, you can play around with rugs.

Have Cupboards with Additional Bins and Baskets 

Getting the cupboards built with some extra beans and baskets, is an effective way to store more things. Because of this, the room will look clutter-free. Also, you can store everything from toys, clothes, shoes to books and other accessories.

A Wall-mounted Desk will go Well in the Room

If you think that there must be a desk in your kid’s room, try to choose a small size desk for a small size room. Choosing an overboard desk will take a lot of space, making the room look small in size. A wall-mounted desk is a true space saver and will serve your purpose as well. 

Curved Bookshelf

If you organize your child room with a curved shaped bookshelf, all the books, toys and other necessary supplies can be stored there. You can also add small drawers to the bookshelf where you can keep some essentials of your kid including diapers, socks, bibs and so forth. account bookshelf will give a strong and smart look to the room making it look big and bulging in size.

Buy some multi-use furniture

if you cram too many things into your kid’s small bedroom, he can feel claustrophobic. Due to this, you must decide on what all things your kids need. Anything which you found is not of much importance, discarded. Your children do not a big wardrobe to store their clothes, half drawer option is best for a small room. Half of the space can be used to make a small desk with a chair where your kid can study. Also, don’t forget to look after the color of the room. A contrast of light pink and sky blue color scheme will continue the eye moving around the room and your kids will not feel stagnant.

 Closing Thought

Using all of the above stated small kids bedroom ideas will surely give a magical makeover to their room. All you need to do is to make smart decisions and implement it soon. You will not only able to make the small bedroom look larger, but it will also look more organized than before.






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