Modi’s Approval on Made-In-India Test Kits after Delay in Chinese Supply

India is facing delay of test kits delivery from China. Due to this reason the government under Narendra Modi has shown green signal to made-in-India test kits. Along with this, kits from South Korea, France as well as Germany are approved.
These test kits by Indian firms will be supplied to Gujarat centered Voxtur Bio, Delhi centered Vanguard Diagnostics and HLL Lifecare which is government owned.
India’s top medical research institute, ICMR on April 4th permitted the test kits and its use in areas where there COVID-19 cases in high number. However, the places with heavy migrants and evacuees are under this category.
These rapid test kits detect the COVID-19 in the bodies of a patient faster than any other kit. They provide quick results without the use of laboratories.
Postponement in Delivery
The government of India ordered for seven lakh of test kits from Chinese firms. This consignment was meant to be delivered by April 8th. However, ICMR attempts for 45 lakh COVI-19 testing kits.
According to G.S.K. Velu, the chairman and managing director of Chennai centered Trivitron Healthcare, “there’s a complete shortage of cargo planes. This is the reason that the testing kits are trapped at the ports. Chiefly, the companies are going through issues of logistics.”
Velu further adds, “We had orders placed from our testing kits suppliers in China. They are currently facing interruptions in accomplishing the orders.”
The postponement in the delivery of the testing kits from China is leading to delay in testing drive in India. This is a critical stage for India when the cases have crossed the mark of 10,000.
New Approvals
The ICMR and Drug Controller General of India have given new approvals apart from Indian Companies on Tuesday. The latest testing kits manufacturers are from Korea, Germany and France. However, more Chinese firms are included as well.
The manufacturers list approved on the date 8th April around 33 suppliers are permitted. 31 manufacturers are Chinese firms, one Korean and one Israel firm.
On the other hand, the latest manufacturers list approved on 14th April, 51 manufacturers are permitted. Out of these total 51 suppliers, 40 are Chinese firms, 5 Korean, 1 German, 1 French, 1 Israeli and 3 Indian firms.
What exactly takes place in rapid antibody test?
A rapid antibody test is done to see if the person is infected with coronavirus or not. The body of a human develops two types of antibodies. The first is immunoglobulin M (IgM) and immunoglobulin G (IgG).
The antibody IgM takes around five to seven days of gaining the infection. However, IgG takes place in the body when the person is healthier.
When the person results IgG positive, it declares that the patient is exposed to the infection and the body settled the immune response.
These tests are comparatively cheap than the RT-PCR tests for COVID-19. The RT-PCR tests done in a private lab costs around INR 45,000 and a rapid antibody test costs about INR 300.

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