The Best Makeup Hacks which will Transform Your Life

conquer the world beauties!

Every girl knows how time taking and difficult it is to master the art of makeup. It is not just about buying high-end products. If a woman knows some little and best makeup hacks, then it will be easy to be pro at it.

Now and then, the makeup trends change. It is necessary to know some tricks which are useful in whatever trend you are following. Earlier, there was no trend of contouring, gel eyeliners, defining the face.

Now the times have changed. And you! My girl, if you want to own the stage of life, be confident and sturdy then it is time you elevate your hack skills in makeup. It will make your life less miserable and won’t let you down like your man.

14 makeup hacks to ease your existence

These some of the easiest and best makeup hacks will teach you the wittiest but the right way of doing makeup. So, ladies hop in the world of makeup hacks.

  1. Accentuate your Eyes

For the eyes to look full, then the best hack is to use your mascara to the direction of your nose. Rather than going upwards, try doing it the opposite way.

  1. Make your Eyeliner

Out of your eyeliner? Don’t worry, because now you can make your own. Get your black eye pencil and put it under the burner for at least 10-15 seconds.

Let it cool down and then apply onto your eyelids. This will give you smudge-proof eyeliner look.

  1. Intensify your Makeup Eye Shadow

Not satisfied with your eye shadow color? There is a better way to do it. Intensifying the eye color can ultimately bring out the beauty of it.

You have to use a white eyeliner pencil on the eyelid and then apply the eye color. This will help in strengthening the eye color.

  1. Does Love Smoky Eye Look?

Here is the best makeup hack for eye makeup. You need an eye pencil. Get a black or a brown eye pencil and draw leaned hash tag towards the end of the eye corner.

Blend it well and mix some suitable eye shadows. This will work as a great smoky eye look within seconds.

  1. Correct Scent Use

This is a widespread and old hack but valuable. Applying the scent on your pulsation points can heighten the fragrance. Most people wash themselves up in perfume.

Instead, use it inside the wrists, behind the ear, at the back of your knee, inside the elbow and at the center of the throat. This will help the scent to last long.

  1. Lip Gloss Hack

Throwing away your damaged eye colors is not a good thing. One can go for the best hack for this. Put your damaged eye color in a container.

Mix the eye color with some petroleum jelly. Voila! Your new lip gloss is ready. One can also add some transparent gloss in it to add shine.

  1. Hustle Free Makeup Contouring

Pretty confused on how to contour your face? The trick is simple. Get a pencil, ruler, or any makeup brush.

Place it under your cheekbone and contour. This simple hack makes sure you don’t get confused in blushing and contouring.

  1. Reusable Mascara Brushes

Ever wonder about reusing your favorite beauty lash sensational mascara brush. One can keep their favorite brushes with then even after the mascara finishes off.

Wash them nicely and use it again. You can also try them as a brow brush.

  1. No More Split Ends

Want to get rid of split ends but don’t want to trim? There is a straightforward solution for it which can help out maintain your length of the hair. And at the same time, one can get rid of split ends.

Twist your different sections of the hair. Cut the hair which runs out of the twist. This will be beneficial in removing split ends.

  1. Heat Protecting Serum

Short on your hair protecting serum? No worries and try this natural and stress free DIY beauty heat protecting serum for your hair.

Get some aloe Vera and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture onto the washed hair. Aloe Vera is rich in protecting the skin from heat, so it works great on hair as well.

It will soften your hair texture and adds volume.

  1. Lash Curling Hack

Is your curling tool not that effective? Here is a solution. Heat your curling tool with a blow dryer. Let it cool for a few seconds.

This heat of the hack makes sure that curler acts fast on the lashes and lasts long.

  1. Bye-bye Dark Circles

Not many people who this that the technique of hiding the dark circles have changed. And this is because of this hack.

Applying a concealed a dotting way under the eyes does nothing. Whereas, using it evenly in a triangular way can do wonders. It not only hides the darkness under the eyes but also disappears the puffiness.

  1. May your Lipstick Lasts Long

Professionals are using this hack for a long time. It helps the lipstick to be long-lasting. Also, it enhances the overall look of it.

All you need to do is apply your lipstick naturally. Put on a tissue paper on your lips and dab some translucent powder. What this does is take out the excess of moisture but at the same time does not let your lips dry.

  1. No-No to Oily Hair

We, women, do face this all the time. Oily hair is a big mess to the complete look. Don’t worry, ladies in a hurry and no time to have enough time to wash your hair, there is a hack for you to follow.

Dust some chemical-free body powder onto the hair and rub it well so that the oil gets absorbed quickly. This hack is safe for the hair.

It’s a Wrap

These best makeup hacks are sure of use for every woman out there. So, if you ever feel you are not good at your makeup, then that is entirely wrong. No one is better than you, conquer the world with your beauty!

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