The Best Place to Visit in India – Madhya Pradesh

The heart of India

The state is known as the heart of India – Madhya Pradesh previously was known as Gondwana. It is one of the primogenital areas in the world. The state of India is home of mountain ranges and hill ranges. MP is the best place to visit in India. It is famously recognized for its scenic beauty and cultural history. Madhya Pradesh is the central state of India and is highly filled with natural resources.

The cultural history of the state can be seen even today. The great dynasties have been a part of the state going from Mauryas and Mughals. Also, the Mauryan empire history is linked with Madhya Pradesh. Apart from the history, the heart of India is highly rich in its vegetation and wildlife in the subcontinent of India.

From many years, Madhya Pradesh has been a favorite travel place of lot of people all around the world to encounter its beauty. The geographical location and the scenic exquisiteness is extraordinary to capture. The ancient temples and monuments the royal history of Madhya Pradesh and its people.

Best sites not to be missed when in ‘The Heart of India – Madhya Pradesh’

Check out the best places to visit when in Madhya Pradesh:

1. Khajuraho – the architectural masterwork

This is a renowned place throughout the world. The site is situated near the Bundelkhand area and is best known for its excellent temples and the sensual and intense carvings on it. The temples of Khajuraho defines the fine architecture of India. These temples were made around 950 to 1050 AD. This medieval period made temples expresses the illogical yet orthodox ethics about eroticism. The spellbinding flaunt of passion is a brilliance of the creative heritage of India.

2. Gwalior – travel center of Madhya Pradesh

King Surajesan founded the city Gwalior. The city is known for its astonishing monuments, palaces, etc. The charm of the city perfectly defines heritage and architecture. The city is covered with hills and vegetation. The travel center of Madhya Pradesh has some great tourist like Gwalior Fort, Sun Temple, and Jai Vilas Palace.

The history of Gwalior states that the celebrated musician Tansen was born in this city. The mosques, temples, and palaces of the city are not be missed in the travel center of the state.

3. Pachmarhi

This is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh. The place is known as the crowned head of Satpura. Pachmarhi have some nice old caves and monuments. The height of the hill station is 1067 feet and is covered with lush forests and streams of waterfalls.

The best place was known to be exposed by James Forsyth, a British officer. The colonial architecture of the place is mesmerizing and captures the attention of every tourist. People of Madhya Pradesh and outside the state often come to enjoy its beauty and tourist attractions.

4. Sanchi stupa

This place is famous for its Buddhist monuments. The place was fitted by Ashoka in the 3rd century. The place defines Buddhist sculpture and style. The Sanchi stupa is covered with the lushness of greens. The stupa is located on the hilltop. The place has great significance in the lives of the Buddhist pilgrims from across the globe.

The serenity of the place lets the tourists have a divine experience of Buddhist culture and religion. The place is labeled as a world heritage place by UNESCO. So, whenever never in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh, this place is a must-visit.

5. Ujjain

If you are into spirituality then this is the place which needs to be visited. Ujjain is famously known as ‘the hometown of Mahakaleshwara Jyotirlinga.’ The Kumbh Mela is organized in Ujjain every year and gathers around 100 million individuals all across the world.

The city has a great significance in the lives of the holy Hindus. The tourists are greatly attracted to its architecture, religious values and education. this is the best place to visit in India and in Madhya Pradesh.

6. Bandhavgarh national park

This is known as the tiger’s hole or den. The national park is worldly known for the highest number of royal Bengal tigers in the world. This place was also known as the place for hunting by the maharajas of Rewa. The place is perfect for people who love wildlife and tigers. The best time to visit the national park is from October to June.

7. Patalpani waterfalls

Patal meaning underworld and Pani meaning water. The etymology of the place defines that the water of the place goes down deep into the underworld. The place is located in the district of Indore ‘Mhow Tehsil.’ The waterfalls are highly covered with the lush forests and mountain hills. The Patal Pani waterfalls area perfect spot for a family picnic.

The height of the waterfalls is 300 feet and looks tremendously beautiful during monsoons with no doubt. The roaring sound and falls of the waterfall is a sight to witness. This is a perfect place for a nature lover.

8. Udaygiri caves

Udaygiri meaning the peak of the daylight. Another name of this place is Vishnu Padagiri which means the ‘the bottoms of Vishnu.’ The caves of Udaygiri have carvings of Hindu gods, mainly of Vishnu, Shiva, and Mata Durga. The stories of these gods are carved on the walls of the caves.

The sight of caves is extraordinary which is completely indicates the religion Hinduism and Jainism. The division of Udaygiri caves is don further into 20 caves. People can see shrines of the Hindu gods in the caves. This place is perfect for spiritual people who have a keen interest in Hindu and Jain religion.

9. Tincha falls

The Tincha falls are just 30 kilometers far from the Patalpani waterfalls. The place has this name because of the village called Tincha village. The sight of the falls is to capture once in a lifetime. The falling of water flows from the narrow valley to the rock face. The height of the falls is 300 feet. However, the background of the place is full of hills, sceneries, and basins. This is a perfect family spot on Sundays and also the pond near the falls is apt for a swim.

It’s a wrap

There are some places in the world which we cannot be miss and Madhya Pradesh is one of the places. Therefore, the scenic beauty, gorgeous sculptures, intense architecture, lush forests, and monuments, etc. truly defines Madhya Pradesh the best place to visit in India and as the heart of India.


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