The finest moisturizers for summertime to make you look glossy, not oily

Summer months can be a real problem for the skin. The heat and humidity can make the skin look dull and sticky. Due to this, people usually prefer going with a bearskin or SPF. But it is not enough for the skin. Less likely to know, our skin needs moisturizer even during summertime and not just in winter. People need to understand that skin oil and hydration, both are different things. There are different versions of moisturizers which works great in high temperatures and humid weather. In winters, one can go for cream-based moisturizers whereas the best version of moisturizer for summers can be serums or gel-based which won’t melt the makeup and keeps the skin hydrated and oil-free.
Tips to remember while choosing the right kind of moisturizer

Well, there is no doubt on the fact that our confusion grows endlessly when there is a situation where we have to choose a moisturizer. The choices are confounding where one has to decide whether to go for body or facial moisturizers, ointments or lotions, aging moisturizers or moisturizers with sunscreen for sensitive, dry, irritated skin, etc. It seems too easy to get the to-do list ready but then things might get puzzled up on the spot. So, here are some tips to remember which can get one through the baffling choices of best moisturizer for summer weather.

  • Look out for sun protection moisturizers – no matter what is your skin type, choosing a moisturizer with sunscreen or SPF 30 is a must. Go for oil-free and fragrance-free sun protect moisturizers.
  • Avoid moisturizers with acids – never go for moisturizers which have so many acids in it. Say no to alpha – hydroxyl acids, retinoic acid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. These acids are enemies for dry and sensitive skin. Also, avoid the moisturizers with alcohols.
  • Say hello to antioxidants – we all know, antioxidants properties are so good for our skin and body. So, try going for moisturizers with antioxidants like pomegranate, licorice root extract, green tea or chamomile. These will help the skin look young, fresh and healthy. These will help in having radical free skin.
  • Perfumes and colorings – colorings and perfumes used in the moisturizers can be irritating ingredients which can affect the skin very deeply. Whether you have combination skin, dry skin or sensitive skin. Always avoid such ingredients in a moisturizer. The antibacterial agents can also be tough on the skin which can take away the essential oils of it.
  • Understand your skin type –if the skin is oily or acne-prone skin then one must look for a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer which is great for not clogging the pores. For dry skin, look for dimethicone or hyaluronic acid which will help in keeping the skin hydrated and well moisturized. In case of sensitive skin, chose a moisturizer which has less than 10 ingredients in it. It should be hypoallergenic and fragrance-free so that it works well on fragile skin.
  • Trust a quality product – never get into the trap of products which fake promises. It can take a simple product to hydrate your skin well or it can take a high-end product to suit your skin type. So, learn the difference, understand the needs of your skin and trust a quality-based product.

Top 8 essential summertime moisturizers

There is a real understanding required for one to know whether to go for cream-based moisturizers or gel moisturizers. The moisturizers which are cream-based are perfect for wintertime and gel-based are perfect for every skin type.

Here are some of the top moisturizers from which one can choose from.

  1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel – if you are looking for best water-based gel-cream then nothing is better than Neutrogena hydro boost water gel. This has hyaluronic acid in it which will hydrate the skin well in summers without making it oily. The texture of the gel is very light. It is available at $22.99
  2. The ordinary – this is the best moisturizer for summer for oily skin or acne-prone skin. The water-based gel moisturizer has hyaluronic acid in it and B5. The percentage of hyaluronic acid is 2 in the product. It is oil-free, perfect for summers. One can buy it from stores of Sephora.
  3. Tatcha Water Cream – the acne-prone skin with open pores can go for this moisturizer. The tatcha water cream is great for every skin type and works on minimizing the pores on the skin.
  4. Biossance + probiotic gel moisturizer – this well-known gel moisturizer is available at Sephora. It is perfect for dry or sensitive skin. It has probiotic qualities in it which will help the aging skin as well. It has squalane or glycerin it which hydrates the skin well.
  5. Simple hydrating booster –this brand is considered the best for skin and has done really well in providing great results to the customers. This lightweight hydrating booster moisturizer has minerals and plant extracts in it. The product is great to end the early symptoms of dehydration of the skin. It is a cheap product with great results. One will get it only at $5.
  6. Clean and clear morning burst hydrating gel–clean and clear is a drug store brand. This morning burst hydrating gel is perfect for summers with qualities of cucumber and green mango extracts. The non-greasy formula of the moisturizer is light on the skin and perfect for every skin type.
  7. Garnier moisture rescue gel-cream– Garnier is yet another drug store brand which works wonderfully on the skin. Moisture rescue gel-cream of Garnier is ultra-light on the skin and locks the moisture for up to 24 hours. It has vitamin C in it and fruits water. The moisturizer is also perfect in protecting the skin from harmful environmental aggressors.
  8. Kate Somerville – yet another best moisturizer for summers for oily skin. This oil-free moisturizer is perfect for summers. It hydrates the skin well and keeps a check on the oily skin. Also, acts against the aging signs of the skin such as wrinkles and fine lines. Kate Somerville helps to maintain the firmness and the elasticity of the skin.

These tips and tricks and the best moisturizers for summer weather will help you choose the best. These will maintain the suppleness of the skin, makes it look dewy and plump. One cannot go wrong with these.

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