8 Important Things to keep in mind before visiting a doctor

No matter how much you try, you are bound to fall sick some time or the other. You may not visit the doctor every time you fall sick but it can be said that you will have to visit a doctor some time or the other. This may not be something fortunate but it is something inevitable. Visiting a doctor can be a stressful affair and many people are unable to get a proper diagnosis due to their own mistakes. In this article, we bring you a list of things you should keep in mind before visiting a doctor.

Things to consider when going to a doctor

Know the basic things you must keep in mind when going to a doctor:

1. They are not Gods

You may be in severe pain or anguish when you visit a doctor and that is understandable. However, you cannot take this out on the doctor since he is just another human being doing his job even though it involves saving lives. You may be hoping that your doctor will miraculously take all your pain and suffering away but that may not always happen. Each ailment requires a particular treatment which may span over days or weeks. Rely on your doctor not to give a quick fix to your ailment but the right fix. Be courteous and polite with your doctor to allow him to serve you better.

2. Be truthful

It goes without saying that when you visit your doctor, you need to be completely truthful. When the doctor asks you any questions in regards to your personal life, you need to answer them honestly. Don’t try to hide any embarrassing details and don’t randomly leave out details by deeming them to be unimportant. What you may consider unimportant may actually be a valuable bit of information for your doctor. Don’t try to magnify or downplay any pain you feel in front of the doctor. If you aren’t truthful, then your doctor’s diagnosis of the ailment may not be accurate.

3. Don’t self-diagnose

The biggest mistake that most people make is that they try to self-diagnose the ailment themselves. Doctor’s actually prefer patients who know nothing than patients who act like they have it all figured out since its easier to handle the former kind of patients. If you have symptoms of an ailment then visit the doctor and truthfully tell him or her the symptoms instead of trying to figure it out on your own. Don’t jump to conclusions and then go and tell the doctor what you are suffering from based on your assumptions. Let the doctor’s knowledge and experience help you get better by correctly diagnosing and treating the ailment.

4. Don’t rely on internet knowledge

The internet has entered every facet of our lives and we find ourselves turning to Google even for the smallest things. In case of diseases or visiting the doctor, googling your symptoms is definitely a bad idea. Even if you are trying to Google the mildest of symptoms, Google is likely to tell you that you are about to die. Google can take even the smallest illnesses and make them seem like deadly diseases. Additionally, many ailments have similar symptoms which mean there is a high probability that you will guess the illness wrong. Your five minutes of searching on Google are not comparable to the five years of education the doctor has.

5. Understand that they may not be able to help

Not all illnesses can be treated with a handful of tablets. Some illnesses may require a prolonged and natural healing process. You need to understand this and not question the credibility of the doctor based on what treatment they prescribe. Some mild symptoms like fever may go away on their own and the doctor may recommend waiting it out. In such a case, you should abide by your doctor’s advice and try not to search for methods to get your hands on some form of treatment. Respect the doctor’s opinion and follow it closely.

6. Don’t ask for pills

The thing that’s wrong with most patients nowadays is that they want a tablet or a pill every time they visit a doctor. Just because you have an illness doesn’t mean there needs to be a prescribed pill for it. Not every disease or illness can be treated with a course of pills. Don’t push your doctor for short-term symptomatic relief but instead opt for treating the problem behind the symptoms. Unless the cause of the symptoms is treated, you will continue to suffer from them. Don’t go to your doctor hoping for a stack of pills, go to your doctor hoping for a permanent solution to your illness.

7. Listen carefully

A lot of patients don’t listen to what the doctor is saying but instead, start directly self-diagnosing or talking over the doctor’s advice. When you visit a doctor, listen carefully to every word he or she is saying and try to follow it to the last word. Don’t try to discard whatever the doctor is saying. When you visit a doctor, his or her sole aim becomes to help you get better and hence you should listen and follow what they say.

8. Voice your apprehensions

When you’re speaking to the doctor or the doctor is prescribing you a treatment regimen, you may have certain apprehensions. It is important that you inform the doctor about all your apprehensions during the consultation itself. This will allow the doctor to take a measured call on whether or not to proceed along with the current course. The doctor is sure to listen to your apprehensions and take appropriate action based on it. Also, remember to mention any relevant details from your medical history which may affect the diagnosis or the course of treatment. Always remember to declare your allergies before accepting a course of treatment.

Final thoughts

The good doctor and patient interactions are vital for the betterment of the overall public health. You need to understand the situation from the perspective of your doctor as well. Remember to keep all this information in mind when you visit a doctor the next time.

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