Things you should keep in mind before developing a mobile application

There are billions of mobile users and millions of mobile applications available in the Google Play store and In Apple Playstore. If you are interested in mobile applications and desire to create one then you need to follow some important steps. There are many things you need to know before developing a mobile application.

Although with the rapid increase in the use of mobile phones the use of mobile applications is also increasing rapidly. But the developer cannot compromise with the quality of application because of the increasing number of users. He should make sure that the mobile application he is developing is useful and easy to use for the users. Below are those points highlighted which one should keep in mind before developing a mobile application.

What to know before developing a mobile application

A Good Market research: Before you start developing your application you need to do deep market research. By doing this you will come to know about your competitors, their strategy, strengths, and weaknesses also. All of this information will help you in developing your application without conducting any mistakes. Good research will help you to avoid and repeat the same mistakes.

Overlook customer reviews

Reviews of customers a very big role. You should take a look at the reviews of the customers while doing your research. This will help you to know their likes and dislikes for a particular application. Note down all of them which you feel will be helpful in avoiding mistakes while developing a mobile application.

Target audience with your mobile application

If you really want people to download your application then you should not develop it by keeping just those things in mind which you want in your app. For a good response of the audience, you need to take care of the f audience Desires and what they want in an app.


Users expect the application to be data efficient also. There are some applications that use an excess of 3G and 4G data which are likely to be downloaded and forgotten. So you should keep it in your mind that your application uses data efficiently don’t consume a lot of data.

Know which devices will support your mobile application

When you are developing a mobile application it is essential to know the platforms you want to run your mobile app but it is also very essential to know which devices are supported by these platforms. You will need to make some modifications to make your mobile app function properly on different devices.

Develop something new

Many of us love to try new things because they seem to be different from them. Each of us gets bored with the same things and want to try something else the same thing happens in the case of mobile applications. The same type of mobile applications doesn’t attract an audience for a long time and they want something new and different. To create something new and different to serve users and to gain their interest in your application.

Don’t keep your users waiting

If the mobile application keeps on loading, the users might think that the application is malfunctioning. And thus this creates a negative impression on the users. To avoid this situation of putting a bad impression on users you can use loading indicators and animations so that you can make them sure that your app is working but it is just waiting for the network.

Price your mobile application correctly

Pricing your app is also very challenging work. You should not ignore this and try t price your app correctly. While pricing your mobile app you should keep in mind the user’s expectations.

Be a master of one platform

It is not an easy question to answer in how many platforms you want to launch your app? But if you have just developed an app. You should try being a master of one platform. Then slowly launch your application on another platform by making the required modifications.

Test your mobile application First

Before launching your application in the market you should try it first. This will give you the experience about how users will see your app. Testing your app before launching will help you to make little changes required according to the needs of customers. Also, your app should be easy, creative and interesting for users.

Focus on your marketing strategy

Advertising it before launch will help a lot to get a positive response. Make sure that you have started marketing at the right time. Start app marketing 2-3 weeks before the launch of the app. This will help in getting an overwhelming response.

Provide description

Description plays a very important role. If someone is checking your app for the first time description will help him to guide whether he download the app or not. Try to keep the first two lines of the description catchy as play stores usually show the first two lines and rest in the read more option.

Know your budget

You need to know your budget in advance. It will help in allocating money properly among each stage of mobile application development. Also, make sure that your budget remains until the end of the developing process.

Ensure that your app doesn’t adhere to play store guidelines

In order to make a place in the app store, you need a top to follow the guidelines which are given by the app store. An application which has issues like loading and stealing is not accepted by app stores. Users want applications which can be downloaded easily and work properly.

App Maintenance

with the change in time the requirements of the app also changes. Maintenance of the app is also very important. Keep your app up-to-date. This will help you to get a positive response continuously.

Final Thought

There is sure shot pill available for anything in this world. You have to work for it. These are some important things to know before developing a mobile application. Following these things will definitely help you in planning to develop your mobile application.

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