Top 10 Benefits of Sports in Children Development

Digitalization has now taken over this world making life more sedentary. This has affected adults and children in an equal manner or to be specific, it has come as a curse to children. Children have mostly become very inactive and couch-ridden nowadays. This has brought them closer to obesity, which is a trending syndrome in the modern world. The diseases that follow due to an inactive lifestyle are high blood pressure, diabetes, and kinds of heart diseases.

The most common reason for children suffering from such diseases is an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. Today, parents try to keep children busy with a gadget so that they can carry on with their daily chores. It is also impossible for any parent to work throughout the day and also get involved in monitoring the necessary activities of their children Hence, children are becoming lazy day by day.

Children have an amount of natural energy in them and their metabolism rate is usually higher than adults. It is very important that they burn energy every day in order to maintain a normal growth rate. Sports help children to stay away from obesity as well as boosts energy, confidence and persistence in them. Every child should be taught the value of physical activities and encouraged to choose at least one sport.

Benefits of Sports for Children

There are several physicals, social and psychological benefits of sports and getting engaged in sports. Here are the top 10 benefits:

1. Enhancing fitness

The primary benefits of sports are that, it boosts a child’s immunity system. It also helps in increasing physical strength and maintaining the balance of the body. The child becomes sharper, calmer and active in a more positive way. Sports help in channelizing a child’s energy in the most correct manner. The children firstly enjoy playing and in turn burn calories which keeps them away from obesity, high pressure any kind of complex heart disease.

2. Breathing Fresh Air

Children usually like to stick to the couch with a video game or a TV remote in their hands. It is, however, necessary to bring them out and expose them to sports and physical activities. This helps them to communicate with the world outside, make new friends and most importantly have some real fun. It is immensely important to expose your child to enough sunlight and fresh air which is both required for proper growth and bone development.

3. Camaraderie

Going out and laying with other children means your child will learn the value of friendship and fraternity. This will help him a lot in school and even life outside school. We have seen so many times how childhood buddies become friends for a lifetime. Also, joining a sports team teaches them how to stay together and thus, acts as a social-support system.

4. Losing with Grace

Getting your child involved in sports teaches him the value of true sportsmanship. There is no harm in being competitive, but it is important that you know how good your opponent is. A child who is involved in a kind of sport usually knows how to handle a loss with grace. We have always seen how in big matches a player congratulates his opponent even after losing. That is the true spirit of sportsmanship. Aggression on losing a game is a sign of frustration and this needs to be dealt with even at the first instance.

5. Respecting elders

If you see that it is becoming difficult to keep your child disciplined, you should immediately enroll him for some kind of sport. The sports field is the best place to learn discipline and how to respect elders. At every step here, a child needs to follow game rules and obey the coach and other people in the authority. Anybody is sure to get punished for behaving rude or showing aggression on the field. Regular interaction with other players, referees and coaches help children to accept decisions that elders make. It also enhances the power of listening to their peers.

6. Maintaining Emotional Balance

It is important for children to learn how to control emotions- both positive and negative ones. They do not learn everything by themselves but you have to teach them skills of controlling themselves. While playing on the field, there can be waves of emotion along with a regular dose of the adrenaline rush. However, negative emotional pressure can ruin your child’s game. Coaches and trainers who deal with children are the best people to groom them to control emotions in a better way. This makes your child ready to face all challenges in life with a smile on the face.

7. Boosting Self-Esteem

A child should learn that winning or losing is all a part of the game and what matters is how he has played the game. Encouragement always helps to boost self-esteem in a child. A small piece of appreciation, a little pat from the coach, a word of congratulation from the parents can make a child very, very happy. Ask him how he enjoyed the game instead of inquiring whether he won it or not. This will make a huge difference.

8. Being Patient

They say ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ but the other part of this proverb should be on how patience is required to achieve perfection. There are only a few children who are god-gifted with a knack of sports. Although even such children need to nurture their natural talent, the others require double practice to get better at it. Teach your child to get better instead of being perfect. Also, tell them that getting better at something needs a lot of time and dedication. They will come to know what patience is.

9. Team Spirit

Learning to keep pace with others is a big achievement for a child. Sports teach teamwork. The coach at the field and the parents can infuse the importance of team spirit in a child. This will also help him communicate with team members in a better and more friendly way. Once a child learns how to keep himself after the team, your work is almost sorted.

10. Resilience

If there is victory, there will always be a loss. Sports teaches this in the most positive manner. You will often notice, how a child who plays a sport understands resilience more than the one who does not play. Bouncing back to form and holding back emotions after losing a game takes a child to another level of maturity. Nothing more than this can make you prouder of your child.

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