Top 5 Easy To Cook Healthy Meals While Staying At Home

In today’s world in which everyone is running faster than time, health has almost taken a backseat. We hardly get time to analyze what we consume on a daily basis and whether our body is getting all the necessary nutrients. It is very important to stay fit and eat healthily and still stay ahead of time. Also, it is very difficult to maintain a proper diet if you get very rigid about what you eat. Healthy meals should also be tasty and that will keep you committed to your diet in spite of your packed schedule.

We all have seen people who decide to start a good diet and lose focus mid-way because, at the end of a week, they are already craving for something tasty. The problem is given our work schedule, we feel it is next to impossible to prepare easy yet healthy meals but this is an absolute myth!

Healthy Meals That Can Be Prepared Within 30 Minutes

It is going to get very exciting from now on when you get back home after a stressful day at work. You can just go through this list and choose any one of these easy and healthy dinner recipes.

1. Chicken Fajita Tacos 

There is no one who is not fond of tacos or fajitas. They are easy to prepare, crunchy and super delicious and also make up for a complete meal. You can be a little creative and spice it up with some sriracha sauce. What you will have to do is very easy. Just coat a breast piece of chicken with some sriracha sauce and then bake it for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, slice and chop some of your favorite vegetables such as zucchini, bell peppers, white and purple cabbage, and carrots to make more colorful. As the chicken is ready, just shred it int pieces and put them inside a corn taco sheet along with some of the cut vegetables. Top it up with some feta cheese, salt, and pepper and enjoy your dinner.

2. Healthy Meals Like Chicken Cobb Salad

You must be thinking that a salad will taste so dull after a long day but you are so wrong. A chicken cobb salad is one super tasty yet very healthy plate of food. A plate of this salad almost covers the majority of nutrients that your body asks for. Top it up with some blue cheese crumbles or dress it with some salsa or ranch dressing for an extra zing.

For this, you have to pre-roast a chicken, as that saves a lot of time. Then, just slice it into pieces or take a soft piece and pull it apart into shreds. Add some seasoning and assemble it on a plate over some greens of your choice. Kale leaves and green lettuce goes very well with this. Add to the plate some cherry tomatoes for a little sweetness and pieces of a boiled egg for some extra protein. You can also add some bacon to this if you want.

3. Chicken Enchilada Skillet

Meal pre-preps on weekends save a lot of time on weeknights while you are trying to prepare dinner in a hurry. This is one such creamy, cheesy and yummy recipes which are like throw everything in a skillet and what comes out is oh-so-delicious. This recipe becomes quicker if you already have some roasted chicken, enchilada cream and sour cream in your fridge.

You just have to assemble chicken, some vegetables, corn tortilla pieces in a skillet and then mix all of these with some enchilada and sour cream. Then top everything with some cheese. You can choose your favorite type of cheese for this. Just put it in the oven and let it bake for about 5 minutes and your yummy meal is ready to be served.

4. Healthy Meals Like 10-Minute Pita Bread Pizzas

Pizza is a weak point for almost everyone in the world and so why not make your weakness your strength? Can you imagine a 10-minute pizza? Well yes, it is possible and it is one of the lazy versions of a Margherita pizza.

Just take a slice of pita bread and spread some tomato sauce on top of it. Now thrown in any topping you want and further top it up with shredded or sliced cheese and just bake it till the bread sides are crunchy and the cheese has melted and is gooey. The best part about this pizza is you can make it however you want it and with whatever leftover you have in your fridge. It can be prepared with veg or non-veg ingredients and it will taste equally good both ways.

5. One-Pot Pasta

Do you love pasta but resist making it as it sounds like an extremely tedious job to do? You can try this one-pot pasta and you will love it for sure. This is another easy to make healthy meals for dinner recipes which requires minimum time and ingredients.

Take any pasta of your choice, however, elbow and macaroni pasta work the best for this recipe. Just put on a heavy-bottomed vessel and pour in some olive oil. Now put in some chopped garlic and onions and sauté these. Now throw in some chopped tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, and pre-boiled and shredded chicken. Once everything is mixed and cooked well, pour in some tomato paste and tomato puree and cook a little more. Do not forget to add some salt, pepper, and paprika for the seasoning.

Now pour in enough water and pour in the pasta as well. Water should be just enough to cover the pasta. Just bring the whole thing to a boil and let the pasta cook along with the rest of the ingredients. After some timed lift up the lid and through in shredded cheese. You can use some simple parmesan cheese along with some gruyere and American cheese along with it. Now put off the flame and mix the whole thing till the cheese melts and becomes stringy. Top the dish up with some basil and oregano. How about serving a bowl full of steaming hot pasta for tonight’s meal?

These are the top 5 easy to cook healthy meals that will save your time and your taste buds as well.

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