Top Parenting Tips on how to be a Perfect Father

No two fathers can be alike. Everyone has their style and personality and it is not important that every good father needs to have certain features in common. Rather, you as a father need not follow anyone, try to be yourself. Unlike a mother, the role of the father is to look on two sides. You must know that your kids require both emotional and physical nourishment for their holistic development. It is never easy to be a perfect father, but by following top parenting tips at least you can move one step ahead to be a great dad.

The most important thing that you must keep in your mind is to portray the image of not only a tough and rigid father but also a polite one. Most of the fathers are not able to express their love towards the kids, though the equally love and care about them. So, instead of being a father who is always nitpicking, bring out the mother inside you. Give your kids more than the one-dimensional view of your fatherhood. Be tough when needed, provide nurture and assist your partner in doing the same. Play your role as a father with caution and don’t let yourself down in your own eyes.

How to be a Great Dad

In simple words, it was never easy for our grandfathers to be the perfect father and so is the case with fathers of today’s generation. Fortunately, some great psychologists have shared their thoughts and on how to be a perfect father. So, following these tips can help you a lot in becoming your child’s favorite superhero.

Follow the below mentioned top parenting tips:

1. Do not think much about becoming a great dad

Becoming a great dad is not a big deal if you are a little flexible in life. The process starts right from the days of your getting married. Before you prepare to become a great dad, become a great husband in the first place. It will keep you engaged in many activities and caring attitude and you will simply carry that tendency further when you eventually become a father. It’s also said great husbands mostly prove as great dads because of the similar caring attitude and expectations in both the cases.

 2.Give a child’s mother some space and freedom after the birth of a child

Generally, first-time parents get over concerned, whenever they give birth to a baby, delay going to work initially and tend to stay at home for a few initial months until child crawls. You need to resume your work and let the mother take care of him properly. It’s a natural process and you should not make your kid fully dependent on you for every tiny thing.

 3.  Be involved in your kid’s activities 

There are various things you must know about your child as soon as it is possible. This is only possible by deliberate initiating interaction with them. You must talk to them, play with them, help them by answering their questions, and also tell them about new things and events around. Discuss with them about their activities and behaviors. Be their best friends and develop a trust in themselves for you, which will eventually help you understand their problems in the later years of life.

 4. Remember important dates and occasion

Although it’s a little bit difficult for a man to remember important dates and special occasion it not impossible and can be learned by practice. You can always decide some new thing for that particular date and this will strengthen the bond further with your child. Remembering important dates of your kids will make them feel valued. For instance, you can join your partner into the annual function of your child, his graduation ceremony or any other special and important day of his life.

  5. Be honest and truthful with your child 

You have to be true and honest with your child if you want the same in return. When your child asks you any question, answer them honestly and with sincerity. You may learn this from your elders. Be extremely cautious about whatever you speak in their presence.

  6. Be responsible as a Dad

Your children tend to observe you and follow you rather than following your rules. Don’t be rude with them generally, rather love them unconditionally and make them feel special about themselves. You must plan a frequent family outing for their entertainment. They look forward to your company rather than playing with expensive gifts.

7.  Be present with your child

Your physical and mental presence with your child will surely be appreciated by him. Your child will learn and behave from you only most of the times. Have an attitude of gratitude in front of him and teach him to value the relationships more than the materials available around. This is a great way to build confidence in him. He will have more faith in you this way. 

8. Take time out of work

Be extremely alert in finding some time for your family from your busy schedule. You can also surprise them by preparing a meal for your family. Go for a few rides or leisure walk with them. Always leave your work-related issues at the office only. When you are at home try to get involved with your kids. Understand more about them and let them understand you more. This is a great way to build a stronger relationship and Bond of love between a son and his daddy.

Final Thought

It is not only easy to become a favorite dad rather you need to be one. Because for a child, parents are the best friends and good parenting is necessary for good adulthood. All this is possible if you start believing in yourself as a father and taking decisions accordingly. One major step towards being a great father will take you towards the way of improvement where you will learn new things every day.

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