Trendy Skincare tips to flaunt flawless and Glowing Skin

We all keep exploring for new and trendy skincare tips look. The occasion never gets over in India especially. We want to give the best look every day even at every function or occasion. Since childhood being a girl as like much advice from mother, from friends and relatives for the skin. Hardly something is left which we have not tried even once. We all get numbers of advice, how to eat, wash and care about the skin. Sometimes we try some natural methods, sometimes new cosmetics with chemicals. It’s not every time we do, suit our skin. This is the same as the hit and trial method.

6 Trendy Skincare Tips to get clear and flawless skin for free

With many research and proven beauty tips, there are some natural ways to get clear skin. As we all are a fan of Korean skin. Some tips used by many are picked up from Korean skincare hacks. Many people prefer to go for makeup rather than investing to get clear skin. But all the major breakouts and dullness of skin could not get cover with makeup. We all need to take care of our skin. If the skin is clear the makeup gets easily merge and gives HD glow. Hence with or without makeup if the skin is flawless and clear, the confidence is just on the next level.

Tips to get perfect and clear skin

Below are some major tips to get clear skin. The below tips can be easily followed and help to go flawlessly.

Go for Steam and Circular massage with Trendy Skincare Tips


Going for facial and face massage is very common. Apart from regular face massage, there are some more related points which should be kept in mind to get glowing skin. With the latest trend, skin clinic and salon are sticking to circular motion. As per the dermatologist when massage is done in a circular motion is makes the blood flow in motion and gives you more than regular glow. Hence if you are applying even skin Moisturizer you should apply it in a circular motion, especially On forehead, Cheekbones, and moving down towards jawbone. Massaging in circular motion creates a dewy complexion. One more major tips for glowing skin is to take steam. Steam is very helpful in closing open pores and gives perfect skin without any breakout.

Trendy Skincare Detox tip with Charcoal Sheet mask

With the trendy skincare hacks, the sheet mask is being very useful and give good result. There are many varieties of sheet masks available in the market such as fruit-based, tee tree-based and many more. The most favorite and with a good result is the charcoal-based mask. Activated charcoal is very useful to detox and exfoliates the skin. All you have to do is to wash the face with any of your favorite face wash and use charcoal sheet. You need to keep a charcoal sheet mask on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and relax. It gives amazing results on the skin as it absorbs all the impurities and exfoliates the skin for the best result.

Applying facial Essence to lock all the goodness

Many women believe in locking all the skin goodies. By using all the cleaning chemicals and facewash, skin looses all the essential oil and makes our face dry. Here one can prefer to use facial essence on skin before applying moisturizer. Once you apply skin essence on the skin, the next step is to apply face serum and the last step is to apply moisturizer. These two steps before applying moisturizer will lock all the skin goodness. It gives maximum skin elasticity and hydration.

Complete Skincare 101

With daily routine, appropriate skincare is a must to avoid pimple and breakouts. People with more than twice face wash should avoid doing it. More using chemical and face wash on skin removes skin natural oil from skin, which dries the skin. Therefore no more than twice face wash to be done. Removing complete makeup before going to bed is also important in a complete skincare routine. If makeup is left on the skin for the whole night, it can clog the pores and also promote the growth of yeast on the skin. Hence makeup should be removed completely before going to bed and one should also keep separate face towels and a body towel. The separate tower doesn’t promote bacteria to transmit and avoid pimple on face.

Sun Protection

We all know how much sun could prove harmful to the skin. Harmful sun rays and UV rays can irreversibly harm and age you prematurely. Therefore one should avoid exposure of face in the sun. To protect the skin, sunscreen is a very common solution. But the chemical present in sunscreen is even harmful. Hence one should avoid chemical sunscreen and move toward organic sunscreen. Not only this minimum use of sunscreen should be done and the use of hats and sunglasses should be promoted.

Drink More Water and Fresh Juice


As we know water is very essential for health, but yes this is very beneficial for the skin too. The first thing in the morning should be done for glowing skin is to drink water. Drinking water in the morning awakes the body and encourages blood flow. Not only in the morning but also the whole day intake of water is very beneficial. As water has many qualities the same is with the juices as well. Juice has a great quality of cleansing and detoxifying. Whereas the packaged juice should be avoided as it is packaged with harmful chemicals and preservatives. Packaged juice rather giving benefit, transmit bacteria and harmful chemical to the body. Which is long term is very dangerous for the body and skin. Hence the fresh fruit and vegetable juice should be preferred rather than packaged ones.


When it comes to skin, it is just not about skin but the whole body. As we put inside for the body, the same reflects all over the skin of the face and body. Therefore the diet and the skincare routine should be followed with concern keeping the body and face in mind.

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