Virtual Reality in Education: Shaping Student’s Learning Space

Virtual reality gained popularity by entering into the entertainment world. However, with the time it came up with many practical uses as well. And education did not stand unapproachable. The motive of virtual reality to make its entry in education is to make the learning process stimulating and more effective. With the help of VR simulations, students can be made to learn and understand things in a better way.

The key proof that VR can build a good education system is, ‘Our Brain’. According to factual data, the brain can remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what is being heard and 90% of what it simulates. Consequently, there is a lot that VR can bring in the field of education in 2019 and beyond.

Applications of Virtual Reality in the field of education

There are two ways to divide all the practical uses of VR in education including
School or university learning
Workplace learning.

Practical applications of virtual reality in education are:

1. Virtual Fields Trips

The most common and evident practical application of VR is providing children with the opportunity of visiting virtual field trips. Students can go on a virtual trip to the physically inaccessible places.

2. Medical Programs

Huge investment has been made by many schools and universities to educate medical students with the help of VR. Medical students and can be given proper training with the help of a virtual setting. Medical students can practice various clinical cases and improve their skills without causing any risk to actual patients.

3. Training through virtual reality

According to research findings, students find it easy to study complex subjects and topics with the help of practical tasks. With the help of VR, convenient and manageable environment for different kinds of training is possible. Therefore, it is a comprehensive way of learning.

4. Distant Learning

VR is also gaining popularity in distance learning programs. Virtual reality settings can make online learning more convenient by offering a sense of presence. Most probably, virtual classes can give a big competition to the traditional way of teaching, but the only obstacle is its high setup cost.

5. Special Education

Many children are suffering from physical and mental disabilities who face challenges while studying and learning. For those people studying and exploring through virtual reality is a great option. They can study at their own pace without being bullied by other children. Also, their problems can be handled in a better way.

6. Content Creation

At present, science and history classes are using virtual reality for creating content. But with time, the virtual format will be easily applicable to all the subjects and themes.

What is it good for?

By introducing virtual reality into your classroom, the teaching-learning process can become more fascinating. With the help of virtual reality, you can broaden your classroom horizon by breaking its four walls. Students can get a new way of studying science subject where they will be available with all the tools and equipment. Studying biology and human anatomy with visualization will make the concept easier and simpler.
Therefore, virtual reality is good for:


Virtual reality in education provides an advanced way of visualization. It has become a persuasive tool to exhibits objects, places, process, and historical events.

Improving the quality of education

When students are learning in a close to the real-life environment, chances of improvement in the quality of education raises. Students can remember and understand things easily. Virtual reality generates an environment where students see three-dimensional images. This technology is efficient to fit in any school and University.

Improving appraising system

According to research, instant rewarding has a positive impact on students performance. However, the traditional way of teaching is based on pointing out the mistakes and failures of a student. On the contrary, virtual reality brings gamification feature into the teaching-learning process. Consequently, it is a more suggestible rewarding system.

Active participation

As folks of today are technophile, they find conventional methods of teaching a bit boring. Integration of VR into School curriculum can enhance the way of learning. It will not only generate interest among students but it helps in removing distractions on mobile phones.

Few examples of educational VR

Initially, virtual reality content for the educational purpose was confined to science subjects only. Since its increasing benefits and demand, development companies have launched the latest VR for all subjects and disciplines.

Few examples of virtual reality in education are:


It is one of the best platforms for virtual reality education. The company has built a variety of content for school including anatomy, learning about dinosaurs, visit ancient Rome, Stonehenge and much more. Watching all this with the help of VR can provide a comprehensive way of learning.

Discovery channel

This channel is indulged in the world’s exploration and knowledge sharing through VR. The channel has launched its Discovery VR app to offer the students a 3D experience by watching videos of fascinating places on the earth.

The virtual reality simulation Apollo 11

It reconstructs the incident of July 1969 Moon landing. It is a documentary where the students can land on the lunar lander, explore the surface of the moon and make arrangements for some experiments. This can be a fun experience for the students.

Tilt Brush

This is one of the most used educational apps. With the help of this app, you can draw and built art in 3D space with several potentialities. You are available with several dynamic brushes and many interfaces which students can use in the form of canvas to draw a masterpiece. This can be a fun way of learning.

That’s a wrap!

Most probably, by the end of 2019, you will be able to see cost reduction in VR products and consoles. This will increase the use of VR in even more schools and universities. If so happens, there will be an implementation of new ways of learning in the education system. Therefore, VR will extremely change the way we teach and learn.

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