Want to add some new lipstick brands in your collection?

They are loved, they are kissed, and they can create magic with its shy little smirk. Lips are the most sensual feature of the face, lips. They can make anyone go feeble on their knees when they are combined with the right choice of new lipstick brands. Every woman is well-aware of the fact that how the right kind lipstick can heighten the overall look. A woman knows that what is good for their lips and beauty. This is the reason that they end up spending so much on lipsticks and makeup products. But one cannot be blamed for it, after all, it is every women’s right to look gorgeous.

A right kind of lipstick is known through its pigmentation, stay influence, color, and a reasonable price. The number of brands and products are present in the market place but nothing can beat a high-end branded lipstick in the beauty industry. So, get ready to fill your collection with the best lipsticks of 2019.

Gorgeous high-end shades of lipstick brands 2019

No matter how many lipsticks you have, you surely want to add more and more. The craziness and your love for lipsticks won’t stop you from buying new ones. This new collection is gorgeous, have shiny colors which will steal the attention of an onlooker.

Clinique lipstick

Clinique is well known for its skincare products but their lipsticks are also up to the mark. This very lipstick shade is very classic and is loved by everyone. The shade has a very light texture to it which does not make the lips chapped or dry.it is available for $18.50. It enriches the normal color of the lips and is suitable for almost every women.

Provocalips by Rimmel London

every woman looks for such lip shades which do not transfer its color on coffee mugs. If you are looking for one such lipstick then this is the one. The provocalips by Rimmel has a long-lasting stay on the lips without making the lips dry. The formula of the lipstick is very nice and it is smudge-proof for 16 hours. One will be able to look gorgeous and fresh with this lip shade. The lip shade is just for $6.47, quite budget-friendly lipstick.

Vitality lip flush new lipstick brands by IT

women have reviewed this lipstick as one of the best. The way this lipstick hydrates the skin, no other lipstick has done so far. At the same time, pigmentation and stay control are long-lasting. There won’t be a necessity to re-apply the lipstick after six hours.


this is one of the most loved brands. The lipstick under this brand is loved by all. The colors of the lipstick are amazing and are suitable for all skin types. It is somehow considered as a classic lipstick of all times. The formula of the lipstick is a long-lasting and non-drying formula. One time application of the lip shade is enough to know its pigmentation.

Marc Jacobs’s beauty Le lip crème

this high-end brand is well known for its foundations and lipsticks. This very lipstick from this brand has a very nice texture to it and the feature of non-drying on lips makes it worth the purchase. It has long-lasting wear and helps in hydrating the lips. The pigmentation of the lipstick is very nice as well. It has another fan following among women. The price of the lipstick is $32.

lipstick brands like M.A.C

it is a worldly renowned brand and is available in full sizes and mini sizes, depending on the preference of a woman. The pigmentation of the lipsticks is gorgeous and has a huge variety in its shades. The formulas of these lipsticks include retro matte which gives zero shine finish to the lips. Then comes the satin formula which has a very velvet shine finish to it. The last formula is matte which obviously has a matte finish. The cost of the lipsticks ranges $18.50.

Stila day liquid lip shades

stila includes a different range of eye shadows and lipsticks. The lipsticks under this brand are highly pigmented and have matte texture to it. The not so heavy formula makes it easy to wear it all day. It has a smooth application and costs $22.

Laura Mercier smooth lip crème lipstick

this is everyone’s favorite brand. This lipstick is super comfortable to wear and has vitamin E in it which nourishes and hydrates the lips well. The lipstick has hyaluronic filling spheres in it which act on the fine lines of the lips. These lipstick is suitable for medium to full coverage including olive oil in it. The lipstick gives a satin finish to the lips.

Maybelline New York color sensational lip color

this brand is perfect for every girl and women. The lipstick is cost-friendly and is available in 35 matte colors. The matte colors have a nondrying formula which is smooth on the lips and gives a sensational finish. The shades are highly pigmented. The lipsticks include shades from classic red to daring nudes. The lipstick has honey nectar in it which keeps the lips well moisturized.

Chanel rouge coco hydrating crème lipstick

Chanel is considered as one of the most trusted and preferred brands. This world-class brand has some best beauty products and one of them is this lipstick. The lipstick has jojoba and mimosa butter in it. It is super hydrating and gives a natural shine to the lips. The range has some nice vibrant colors. It gives full coverage and has a lightweight formula. Chanel lipstick values $37.

Guerlainkisskiss lipstick

the lipstick is considered to be best and has hyaluronic acid spheres in it which the lips and maintains the hydration and the softness of the lips. The texture of the lipstick is very velvety and has Commiphora Myrrha oil in it. The lipstick costs $37.

These lipsticks are 2019’s best lipsticks and must-haves in one’s collection. You can never go wrong with such astonishing and gorgeous shades. The texture of every lipstick is wonderful. Don’t miss on these.

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