Wedding food trends which everyone will cherish

If you are getting married, you and your family want everything to be unique. When it comes to food, you need something different in food menu also. For this you should keep the classic menu aside and fill you big day menu with some of the food items which are not just cherished by everyone but also those which are very pleasing to eyes. This blog is all about some of the wedding food trends which every guest of yours is going to cherish.

Enticing wedding food trends

When you are planning for the catering section for all your guests, you need to consider a lot of factors including the different dietary requirements. You cannot ignore the requirement of a single guest as it is all about organising your big day and you cannot upset any guest. However, if you are bored of the same typical three-course marriage day breakfast, you can try something refreshing with your menu this time.

Here are some of the newest and refreshing wedding food trends that you must try this 2020:

The colorful grazing tables of wedding food

wedding food

Collective feasting is on the top list of the wedding food trends not just because it is liked by each and every guest. Also, it feels good when you see your guests talking about and enjoying your food menu. You can choose many things for the grazing tables such as different vegetables, fruits, dried fruits.
Try to keep it as colorful as you can. The colorful appearance not just makes it look different and beautiful but also it attracts the guests towards it. You can add some flowers and foliage.
The purpose of grazing tables is to embolden guests to come back again for tasting the food. Food is always it talking point for most of the people, so be creative as much as you can!

Peculiar deserts for wedding food

If you are searching for some twist on the display of your deserts then you can choose from a lot of unique trends such as vibrant colorful displays. You can use different colored deserts and arrange them in different ways. You can use colorful desert cups. Ice cream cups, cakes and many more Indian deserts for this. Also we can’t get enough of donut walls. This is also newest wedding desert trend these days.

Food in Bowls

Food in bowls is one of the most popular wedding food trends in 2020. The bowl contains healthy and light dishes. Also this type of trend helps in minimizing waste. Also this helps the guest to choose. There are choices of bowls as there are different food bowls for vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Outdoor BBQs

wedding food

If you want an ultimate relaxing vibe in your wedding then there must be outdoor BBQs. The outdoor BBQs allow you and your family to gather outside under sky and enjoy some happy moments out there in a pleasing atmosphere with the food which everyone loves.

Street food

As street food is liked by most of the people thus street food is not just confined to streets now it has made its own place in the wedding venues. There are many options available in street food. It is a good option to make your street food loving guest happy. It makes your guest feel happy and also comfortable. Presenting your street food in different way put some twist in this trend.

Edible displays

Edible displays are eye catching and these displays not just bring beauty to the wedding food trend but also make guest happy. These displays are delicious and attract the guests naturally towards themselves. Also such king of displays in food items helps in enhancing the beauty of the wedding.

Organic Stuff

Most of the couples are now requesting these days for the food to be served should be organic. They want to know from where the food has come and also want to serve their guests with finest and freshest food items. They care about the quality of the food which is going to be served in their wedding.

Late night snacks

Light night snacks are also a 2020 wedding food trend. Most of the couples want to have the food from their own favorite spots. They want to have the food which they personally love. It not just includes the food they love but also different food items such as the food from the place where they met for the first time. Thus this trend is made especially for the couples and the food is according to their wish.

Live food

wedding food

Live food is always a good plan or the wedding. Also it is liked by most of the guest. It is fresh, tasty and also it looks good. The guest can also customize their food if they want. Also it adds some entertainment. Live food stations not just bring enjoyment but also it helps in adding some decor. The food is cooked in front of you and it is served on beautiful plates.

Wrapping up!

There are a lot of ways to make your wedding day special and food can be one of it. Food trends for weddings change with time and every new trend comes up with different concept and unique presentation. Enjoy these unique 2020 wedding food trends and fill your big day with enjoyment and happiness.

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