What will be experts perspective for the world after the Corona virus

How will the whole world look after this corona virus pandemic? Well, experts have already started thinking about the new look of the world’s normal situations. They have already started to imagine the aura once this pandemic gets over and its consequences.

Deloitte and Salesforce have recently given a report this month which consists of four scenarios for the coming 4-5 years, revealing the details of a totally new world created by COVID-19. The report mainly focuses on the factors we are not realizing at this moment rather than just focusing on the changes the world is going to have.

How long it will take to come back to normal?

According to experts, the US has been testing far behind to see the future. And the end result comprises of various possibilities.

There can be a possibility of this COVID-19 being a short-lived pandemic resulting in hitting small and medium-sized businesses hardly. And soon, people will get back to their work routines, meeting their co-workers, family, friends, and loved-ones like old times.

Or it can last for a long time making it nearly impossible for countries to get a grip on the situation. These kinds of possibilities will take this lockdown and self-isolation last long, which will make the world suffer even more.

The four scenarios included in the report:

The passing storm-

In this possibility, the governments’ plans for getting the situation under control and people’s contribution will work efficiently and the virus will be contained soon. But the economic damage will have the worst effects on the small and middle-class businesses.

However, the people will actually realize the value of community and companionship. And the routine life will get back to its stability within some days.

Sunrise in the East-

According to the author’s predictions, the situations will get under control soon in the East Asian countries as compared to the Western Nations. Well, this lockdown and self-isolation techniques have shown promising responses in beating this deadly pandemic in comparison to the uneven responses of the western countries.

However, in the coming days of this possibility, the technology will clear all the suspicions regarding its versatility specifically artificial intelligence if it succeeds to help us in fighting against this life-threatening virus.

Good company-

This possibility imagines the situations where corporations will come forward in case the governments can’t handle the situation solely. This may lead to a situation where tech companies will help the government in fixing the broken hospital equipment like ventilators for the government.

However, the experts say that this possibility will lead to a future where corporate will play a much bigger role and gain trust.

Lone Wolves-

This is the worst possibility where the virus proves nearly impossible to be controlled, heading the economic freefall.
However, this is a dark scenario leaving nations to limit or even stop trading and citizens will have a permanent fear in their minds, less connecting and always focusing on survival.

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