Why do we need Privacy in a Relationship?

Every relationship is built on the basis of a few things. These things vary in every relationship. For some couples it can be the bond they share, for some, it can be the clarity among them. One thing which is necessary for every relationship is privacy. A relationship is created when two individual people get along with each other.

At no point, it is said that they will break through each other’s privacy. A minimum level of privacy needs to be maintained in every relationship. This, in turn, not only strengthens the bond but also allows them to grow individually. A relationship without growth is a void where two individuals exist for no reason. Privacy in a relationship is very important and here is why you should maintain it.

Respect for Individuals

Privacy is not only about giving space to your partner and not interfering, but it’s also about a mutual respect. For example, your partner wishes to keep something private, then it’s his or her choice. There has to be a reason for keeping something private and you must respect that. On the contrary, it is evident that this can create conflicts in the relationship. So, you need to handle such situations with ease. Besides, if you and your partner are loyal to each other, then there is no harm in having a little privacy. You must respect your partner’s choice and actions. If there is an issue regarding this, then you must sort it out to strike a balance in the relationship.

Maintaining Appropriate Social Boundaries

Even though we speak a lot about freedom and space in a relationship, there are certain boundaries as well. These boundaries are the one which adapts from society. There is a constant need for certain places for solitude, relaxation, etc. Places where no one will gaze at you or judge you. This is because the boundaries created are informational and physical.

These boundaries can be tackled by the privacy of the individuals. A relationship damages when these boundaries are breached socially. Couples often face awkward social situations which are tough to deal with. If there is enough privacy in a relationship among the couple, then the social frictions can also be avoided.


Trust is the most important part of a relationship. It is one of the major building blocks in a relationship. Every bond we create is based on trust. For instance, our social, personal, commercial, professional and governmental relationships are built on the basis of trust. Trust breaks when one person breaches the confidentiality of the relationship. Suppose if you are going for a checkup, you need to trust your doctor. The doctor is the only person who can help you improve your health. Similarly, if you trust your partner, then there is no problem with privacy.

Control over One’s Life

One cannot simply gain control over the other’s life. Every person has their own identity which is different from others. They have their personal data and this data is required in every big or small step of life. For example, whether you are buying a mobile phone or you are getting married, personal information is required. There is a major impact of personal data on our lives. This includes our personal, social and professional life too. Besides, in certain situations, we are unaware of how our personal data is used. We don’t get to know whether it will harm us in the near future or not.

It is necessary that we get to know, how, where, when and for what purpose our personal data is being used. It is applicable in our personal, professional and social life too. Without your participation, if your personal data is used for some purpose, then that is simply cheating.

Freedom of Speech

If you ask why privacy is necessary for a relationship, then the answer is to express your existence. You have an identity and you must have the freedom to speak your heart. If anyone is monitoring or altering your freedom of thought and speech, then it is a breach of privacy. For example, if you wish to criticize someone but don’t want others or the world to know about it, privacy is required. It is also applicable in a relationship. Often couples criticize each other but without letting their partner know about it. This is because individuals have their own thoughts and choices.

Social and Political Freedom

Most countries around the world have provided social and political freedom. You have your legal rights to choose, criticize and present your views. Privacy is an important aspect which allows us to involve in political as well as social matters. Similarly, this theory is also applicable in a relationship. You and your partner can have distinct social and political choices, views and concepts. You just need to respect it to maintain a healthy relationship.

Second Chances and the Ability to Change

Growth and change are the two basic components of life. As we grow, a lot of things change not only physically but mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Now, these two components are associated with the second chances in life. We grow when we learn from our achievements and mistakes. We change when we allow second chances to rectify certain mistakes.

If you are unable to accept changes and take or give a second chance in life, then you are not growing. Only fools shackle themselves in the prison of past experiences. Moving on is the process of growth in life. This concept is also valid in terms of a relationship.

Unable to Explain or Justify

The society will judge and ask for explanations if you do not maintain your privacy. It is your life and the journey is yours. People who have little knowledge about you and your life will judge you for your actions. You just cannot stop them from doing so. Besides, it becomes a burden when we keep on worrying about society. You don’t have to give explanations to anybody.

A relationship is like a castle of sand, you need to be careful with your actions so that you don’t harm it. Allow a little privacy so that you and your partner can identify each other as individuals.

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