World’s Battle Against Corona Virus: Have A Look At The Weapons In Hand

This corona virus pandemic has locked each and everyone in the house and people are trying their level best to cop-up with the situations. Well, this lockdown or self-isolation or sitting at home, doing nothing has different pictures for different people. Moreover, the public is suffering due to a lack of many things or un-availability of many things in the stores. These things include toilet papers in the US, beer in Mexico and flour supply is lacking in France.

Well, the most peculiar shortage of the year happened in Afghanistan, where a rumor of a newborn baby saying,” I will live for two hours and have come to tell you that black tea is the cure to this virus” sent people to assembling to the shops for buying black tea. This run on the ever-present black tea briefly raised the prices to approximately triple before people claimed.

Mexico’s twitter campaign for beer:

In Mexico, people have beer along with tequila by their choice. And the moment, the country went into the lockdown due to COVID-19 the two most beloved national beer giants announced for sudden closure. However, these two beer brands named, Heineken and Grupo Modelo which are unfortunately called corona brands now declared for stopping the production.

Well, this announcement stimulated the panic purchases of the beer and a dauntless twitter campaign saying, “don’t mess with the beer”, particularly “#ConLaCervezaNo”.

The freaky shortage of sugar supply in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tried its best to keep the place out of all such malformations by enforcing a total ban on liquor and cigarettes. Moreover, an excise official said that since the lockdown began on March 20 in Sri Lanka, the public was led to the eruption of home brewing.

This do-it-yourself or DIY run has resulted in a huge shortage of sugar which is a key ingredient in the whole process of making local moonshine which is called as kasippu.

The huge shortage of common snacks and printed papers in Iraq and Tripoli:

For the people living in Iraq, staying home means spending time with the family, chatting with relatives, and watching television. And this kind of long afternoons needs some snacks specifically salted sunflower seeds.

However, the supermarkets in Iraq are running short of such snacks as both the parents and children are willing away hours which they could have spent in their schools or at offices.

Furthermore, for the people in Tripoli specifically Libyans, homeschooling has been the toughest task nowadays as it is troubling people to get stationery items specifically printed papers in a bulk quantity in this lockdown.

Most of the non-essential businesses have been shuttered due to this life-threatening corona virus pandemic spreading at a fast pace in order to naturally boost their immunity which is the best thing to do. Moreover, people are struggling to buy lemon and ginger to protect themselves with some home remedies. Well, WHO has clearly announced that these kinds of prescriptions are not going to help to fight against corona virus.

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