Siman Arora

Siman is a person who strongly believes that writing is the answer to everything and due to this reason. she adores writing for her writing is the streaming purpose for living  Being introvert by nature,she opts writing to express herself and you can see the flow of expression in her articles.Being a writer is her born latent and improving that skill every day is what she believes in.

Ruchi Gupta

Ruchi Gupta is a person, who is known for her good operational skills in banking and finance industry, but beyond bank premises she is known as a great content and academic writer. With her great writing skills she has gained a lot in this field and expects to grow more till her hands touches the sky.

Pooja Daim

Pooja plays a hybrid role in Folksgrowth. She is a wholly dedicated, fanatical, creative explorer to produce high-quality traffic and content for our viewers. She handles a wide range of jobs from content ideas to promote and create the best strategies to accomplish great success.

Varshil Shah

Varshil, a man with creativity and positive instinct created the whole idea of folksgrowth. He is the Marketing Analyst of the company. He is highly proficient in his field because of his statistical knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing. He possess an unbeatable communication skills and leadership qualities. With his determination and hard work, he aims to hit the home run.