Artificial Intelligence: Deflating the Myth and Realty

A few years back, you would have hardly seen anyone having a serious conversation about Artificial Intelligence (AI) apart from educational institutions. Today, almost everyone discusses AI. They want all the latest technology update related to AI. Everyone is highly curious and enthusiastic about the introduction of AI as a part of their everyday life. It can bring a lot as some of the great minds have already concluded that the potential of AI to revolutionize every facet of our lives is remarkable.

However, as with every new technology, there are surely some snake-oil salesmen who are only interested in making quick bucks based on false promises. Also, some people are coming up with their misleading opinion regarding AI.  Therefore, it becomes important that you should have clear cut knowledge on what are the myths about AI.

Artificial Intelligence: Fact vs. Fiction

What is the reality of artificial intelligence? To put it in simple words, artificial intelligence is a computer program which simulates specific facet of human thinking and intelligence. Artificial intelligence programs are built with a limited focus that does not allow them to perform anything outside their ordained task. Therefore, there only purpose is to perform the well-defined task with perfection and quickness.

it is different from human intelligence because the transfer of learning does not take place in its case. As a human can learn, solving problems on their own and transfer their knowledge, AI can only solve specific problem more precisely and accurately.

Some usual myths about Artificial Intelligence

You must be among those crazy fans of movies like The Terminator, Iron Man, The Matrix and Blade Runner that has propelled AI either in the form of machines or any villainous character. Almost every movie has come up with an idea of machine thinking on their own. This kind of representations has made people think that AI is infinite and all-knowing. However, artificial intelligence today is certainly out the collection of intricate computer programs.

Hence, the most common myths that AI is taking over the world is not a possibility at least with today’s technology.

 Let’s have a look at some common myths about AI in detail.

 AI will take over our jobs

Myth: This is, so far, the most common AI myth. Some advocates believe that AI will be highly advanced and cost-effective for the companies that they will not prefer hiring human labor. This will give way to mass unemployment as AI will overtake the job roles of humans and execute them in a better way.

Reality: This cannot happen for some reasons. Fundamentally, most of the jobs today need cognitive skills that human possesses better than AI. Whereas other low-level jobs like sorting jobs, typing jobs would be at stake. Therefore, almost all the working population will get benefits from AI and not any harm. AI can improve existing job roles only. 

AI will rule the World

Myth: Since 1950s science fiction is using AI to catapult villainous creature taking over the world. Even several stories are depicting that artificial intelligence will infiltrate security systems and rule over the governments. Some stories also illustrate AI taking command of the nuclear arsenals of countries, causing human extinction.

Reality: This can never happen with today’s technology. Primarily, concessions of national security will never be given to AI and the use of AI programs is limited as a tool. Artificial intelligence programs cannot make any decisions regarding national security without human involvement. Even AI programs cannot hack the security systems because they possess narrow intelligence only for problem-solving. 

 AI robots will rule over humans

Myth: Generally, you have been watching in science fiction movies that robots and evil machines are overpowering humans. There is a myth that AI will build robots who can think, take actions on their own and lead defiance against humans.

Reality: This cannot happen in any situation. Most importantly, robot technology is completely different from what science fiction movies illustrates. They are not given any kind of power instead, there programming is done to perform repetitive jobs including an assembly line. Also, personal assistant robots can perform small tasks only.

 Artificial Intelligence will evolve on its own without requiring human knowledge

Myth: Proponents state that AI will go sleek and evolve itself to an extent that it will not require human knowledge to progress.

Reality: This can never be a possibility. AI researchers are allocating resources for creating artificial intelligence that can learn from data as well as its outcomes. Still, the progress in this field is slow and it is not at all possible for artificial intelligence to create sentences on its own and get rebellious against human beings. 

AI will evolve on its own without requiring human knowledge

Myth: Artificial intelligence will easily learn to function like humans.

Reality: AI algorithms are solely an intricate set of commands that a computer needs to follow. It is not designed in a way to function like the human brain in any way. There an advancement in AI like neural networks but still, are not competent to think like human beings.

Only Elite Firms Can Use AI

Myth: The command of AI is in the hand of big software companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Due to this, many believe that only elite companies can control and dominate AI.

Reality: This theory is vague. AI initial sphere is flourishing and due to continuous research in this field, many companies will start using it. Marketplaces of AI are also available in great magnitude which allows every computer program to use the complex algorithm in a tweak.  

Closing thoughts

AI has come up along with several myths and many people have started believing them. However, the things it can and cannot perform are not properly known, but its popularity is making it seem like the only miraculous solution. Many companies have started adopting artificial intelligence to lift up there processes. But a hype associated with artificial intelligence can cause them to commit a mistake while dealing with it.


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