5 Effective Ways To Be Highly Productive When You Work From Home

Are you doing work from home for the first time in your life? No doubt, it will be challenging but you can follow some effective ways to make your work from home more productive.

As today, we all are giving a tough fight to the Corona Virus, the most important step taken by the service sector is to start work from home. For many people, this can be a new experience because they have never work from the comfort of home and that’s why they must be facing defiance.

Ways ToStay Productive While You Work From Home

There aremany ways which you can adopt to create a successful work from homeenvironment. Whether you are experiencing working from home for thefirst time or looking for a quick refresher, following some of the effectivetips win surely work.

Here is a listof some effective tips for building a functional and productive work area atyour own place:

1. DitchThe Distractions

One of thebiggest problems that you can face or must be facing when it comes to workingfrom home is to get rid of distractions.

Distractionswill come in different forms and sizes but you need to tackle them with calmness.

Social Media

This one no doubt must be called ‘The biggie’. Most of us are highly addicted to watching social media sites so that we don’t miss any important updates.

Especially at this time when the Corona virus is viral everywhere, we allkeep on getting notifications after every minute and we tend to distract fromour work. You need to be 100% reliant on your self-discipline and so overcomethis distraction. This way, you will be more productive in your work.


Are you allowed to watch TV during your working hours when you are in your office? The answer is very obvious. However, keeping the current situation in mind it is highly tempting to switch on the television to know the recent updates.

 But when you are working from home you have to do a favor for yourself and hide the TV remote and work peacefully.


Children are enjoying the most in this lockdown period. But they can be the biggest distraction when it comes to working from home. Kids not only distract you from your work but they create extra noise, ask questions and do arguments. You not advised to scold the children because you have a responsibility to educate them from home. All you can do is structure everything properly.

The Fridge

Many people have stored a lot of food in their cupboards, in anticipation that the lockdown can be extended. Honestly, your fridge can become your biggest distraction. Try to ignore it and follow a simple self-discipline strategy.

2. SetAchievable Daily Goals

It’s veryeasy to live in your own imagination and thinking you can be super productivewhile working from home. While this can happen for some days but whenyou will start getting loads and pressure, you will exactly figure out that youhaven’t done anything at all.

The bestthing you can do is have a plan for every day so that you can keep yourself ontrack. Once you have done with a single task, don’t miss it a chance to tick itoff a to-do list. Setting your daily goals and achieving them will give you peaceof mind and you will be more productive in your work.

3. StayHydrated

When you work in your office you are surrounded by other employees and so you manage to get some coffee breaks. You drink a lot and keep yourself hydrated during your office hours. On the contrary, when you work from home, it’s normal to forget this essential human need.

Most of youcan think that how staying hydrated is linked with increased productivity, soyou must know that not drinking much can affect your health lowering down yourproductivity.

Keepingtoday’s situation in mind where it is the bloody virus is all around us, drinkingplenty of water and staying hydrated is very important. Keep a bottle of a bottlefilled with simple water or lemon water with you and keep drinking it at equalintervals of time.

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4. GetPlenty Of Fresh Air

Yes, youheard it right. Even during this self-isolation period, you must get yourselfsome good old lungfuls of fresh air. Locking yourself in one place for thewhole day can dissuade you. If you are fortunate enough to have a balcony or a garden,don’t miss an opportunity to have a walk, do yoga or meditation every day.

If you don’thave any balcony or garden, you can simply open the windows and take deepbreaths to get fresh air. It will not only lift your mood but increase yourendorphin levels help you improve your productivity. After all, you need goodair and vitamin D to increase your focus and revive your mind towards work.

5. StayConnected to Your Colleagues

As there areso many distractions when you work from home, you must try a way to be moreproductive and it is staying connected to your coworkers. Keep connectedthrough emails, text messages, and video conferencing so that you can check inwith your associates and keep yourself motivated.

Motivationis directly linked with increased productivity so the best way to motivateyourself is by seeing your coworkers working with full enthusiasm.

Final Thoughts

We all know this is a tough time, but there are some effective ways to make it work for all of us. For many people working from home is like a nightmare? They know we can’t work in comfort, with kids and without finishing the household chores. Still, giving a tough fight to this dreadful virus is what everyone should believe in. Staying at home is the first and foremost step of winning. But you don’t have to compromise with your work so following these 5 effective ways can help you be productive when you work from home. Good luck everyone, Stay Home & Stay Safe!

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