5 Habits For Strong White Teeth

Everyone loves strong white teeth that not only look great but are also stronger for a variety of daily tasks that we do. As it turns out, whiter teeth are a sign of strength and great oral health. The outer layer on the teeth, called enamel, is a protective cover for the teeth and is white in colour, while the inner soft and porous material for the teeth is called dentin, which is yellow. According to the dentists at the best dental hospital in the country, if your teeth are yellowed or stained, the upper layer of enamel has worn off and that is a sign of worry for you.

Without the enamel, the softer parts of your teeth are open for the bacteria to feast on, something you would like to avoid at all costs. These bacteria eat the sugar and starch in your food to release acid, which further erodes the inner layers of your teeth, eventually reaching your nerves.  So, build strong habits now to get strong white teeth tomorrow and to protect your oral health from several dental issues. Here is what you can do.

Here are 5 Habits to get Strong White Teeth:

1. Calcium Rich Foods For Strong White Teeth

Calcium is important for your teeth as it has the capacity to remineralise your tooth enamel, simply because it is made up of calcium phosphate. Remineralisation basically means adding more mineral to the surface, which not only will bring more strength to your teeth, but will also bring back the sparkling white colour to your teeth. Include dairy products, leafy greens, and nuts into your diet.

2. Water over anything

Carbonated soft drinks and citrusy fruit juices are the worst for your teeth for a number of reasons. They harm the structure of your teeth, their colour, and let bacteria in your mouth produce more acid to react with your enamel. Drink water and stay hydrated with care. Water will also help you wash out any food item that may have remained in your mouth after a meal.

3. Brushing With Enamel Strengthening Paste

A specialised enamel strengthening toothpaste is a good option to add strength to your teeth. Its special formula is designed to whiten teeth and add strength, so make sure you brush twice, daily. What you will be doing, essentially, is add more power to the enamel of your teeth by providing it will all the important nutrients it needs.

4. Avoid Teeth Staining Foods and Drinks

Foods and drinks that make your teeth stain are a strict no for you. This includes dark soda, red wine, tomatoes, and coffee to name a few. Their pigments can discolour and weaken your enamel. In the long run, not only would you benefit from avoiding these, but it is also good that their consumption will not become a habit for you.

4. Proper Oral Hygiene For Strong White Teeth

Just because you are worried about making your teeth white, you should not forget about taking care of the rest of your mouth. Make sure you floss after brushing and clean your tongue as well to maintain an overall oral hygiene. A good mouthwash is also a habit you should consider investing yourself in.

On top of this, even smoking is a hazard to your sparkling white teeth, so if you can quit smoking with immediate effect, it will be really great for your oral health, as well as overall health.

Strong white teeth are loved by everyone, everywhere, which is why they are oh-so-desirable today. And unless you want to get an early tooth removal in your life caused by weak teeth, you should start caring too. Follow these tips to add strength and whiteness to your teeth and go out in the world with a sparkling confidence.

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