6 Best Winter Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

India is very versatile in the weather. With different types of weather, we are forced to adjust. For our skin also it is very important to adapt to different temperatures. Irritated skin, dry skin, patchy skin are some of the common types of skin issues we normally face in winters. Hence, it becomes our task to keep our skin normal even in winters. Covering up the dry and patchy skin with makeup can be a little tough. Living with dry skin is too painful. Makeup for winter is doubt, some prefer without makeup look and some light makeup. Covering your dry skin with the layers of foundation will make your skin look cakey and patchy until you do it carefully.

Everyday winter makeup tips for Skin

With winter we all are facing the cool breezy air which makes our skin and lips dry. With the change in weather, the makeup pattern should also be changed. We could not follow the same makeup tips as of summer. In summer our skin is oily compared to winter. Hence here are some useful Makeup Winter tips for dry skin. The mentioned tips are also being followed by the great makeup artists and celebrities. You must have seen the celebrity look is always the same, irrespective of change in weather. You should surely try out mentioned makeup tips in winter.

 Never scant over moisturizer


Moisturizer is not only daily skincare tips but also among makeup dry skin tips. This type should be added to your daily skincare routine. Moisturizer is very helpful to keep your skin hydrated and protect from getting dry. Regular moisturizers will give glow even without using a highlighter. It is also advised by many makeup artists that we should spend more time putting up the moisturizer and massaging it for more than regular time. This will give a natural glow to your skin and keep it healthy and wrinkle-free. But one should always use it on the neck part also, as the difference in complexion of face and neck give a very bad look. For best and good moisturize ideas you can follow your makeup artist.

When to moisturize?

As mentioned above using a moisturizer is very important but you should also know when it should be done to get the best and effective result. Best should be preferred to apply more on your skin is after taking a shower. After shower and steam, the skin is clean as compared to other times of the day. When it is applied on the skin all the goodies of moisturizer get completely absorbed in the skin and give the best result. The moisturizer that contains vitamin C and vitamin E, add radiance to your skin. Therefore whatever type you buy the ingredients of moisturizer should contain the above-mentioned vitamins.

Avoid powdering makeup


The powder when applied in winters it makes your skin drier. You must be shocked to know that after using powder to skin your, skin looks duller. Hence using powder should completely avoid. In place of powder, one can use CC cream as a step of makeup. CC cream should be always picked one shade warmer than your skin tone. CC cream with SPF 35 is one of the best options. As the cream with SPF 35 will also give you protection against harmful sun and UV rays. This is one of the excellent substitutes for using powder and best makeup Winter tips.

Using primer

Applying primer before make up is like creating a base for foundation. As the primer is a very important part of your make up hence choosing the right primer is very important. Shimmer primer is very trendy and also very effective for winters. When you are using shimmer in the primer you don’t have to worry about the winter effect as this primer gives amazing glowing effect from within. One can also use face oil for dry skin before makeup. Face oil also gives the same effect as of using a primer before foundation. With face oil or shimmer primer, you don’t have to worry about the winter winds and the dry skin as an after-effect.

Liquid or creamy foundation for dry skin


Nothing could be worst than using foundation. As foundation when applied on dry skin will make your skin more dry and patchy. This is because the foundation highlights the flaky skin. We also know the makeup could not be completed without using the foundation. A very common thought after reading this would be what kind of foundation should I use for dry skin. Therefore the solution is to choose the cream-based foundation. The cream-based foundation gets smoothly applied all over the dry skin without any breakout. Whereas the dry foundation does not get settled on your skin and gives the dry and patchy look. In case you do not like a dewy look You can highlight your T zone using powder. As powder give the dull look, it will down the extra shine of your makeup.

Use liquid highlighter instead of powder highlighter

To get the most natural effect liquid highlighter is one of the important parts of makeup. Highlighter should be applied to the skin with a good quality of beauty blender sponge. The sponge will help the highlighter to get merge into the foundation well and will give the glowing natural look even in winters. Whereas you could not get the natural glow with powder highlighter especially winters as it will dry out your skin and makeup. One can choose the best nude warm from the best award-winning make up artist’s list of highlighter.

Final Lines

We hope the above mentioned make up tips for dry skin in winter will be useful for you. Above all, you should always keep your skin moisturized. Throughout the day when you are unavailable with the moisturizer, you can keep a facial mist nearby. The spray with light water quantity will help you to stay more moisturized and also set your makeup on for more time and also protect and keep your skin hydrated.

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