7 Ways To Increase The Online presence Of Your Local Business

According to an analysis made by Google, around 4 out of 5 people use search engines to make local searches. However, there are many small business owners who don’t have local listing online and they always think how to increase online presence of local business? Moreover, businesses that are listed online are not aware of optimizing their online presence.

Considering today’s competitive world, small businesses can’t neglect the importance of the internet. An outdated website or Facebook page will not help you stand in today’s market. Nevertheless, there are some effective ways to position your local business online. This blog will give you some useful ways to boost your sales and increase customer loyalty through the internet.

1. Keyword research for your local business

The most important step that you must take to rank on local searches is to do some keyword research. Your keyword research should be done by keeping in mind how a customer can find your business. Keyword research means finding out words and phrases that your customers can find online businesses of your type. For example, if you sell furniture in Chandigarh, your customers will search ‘Furniture Chandigarh’ to find out you. But you must know that keyword research can be problematic if your competitors also indulge in the same type of business. So, here begins your research work. You need to use longer phrases to cut short the competition. Say, if you are dealing with wooden furniture, your target keyword can be ‘Wooden Furniture in Chandigarh’.

2. Listing your website in online directories

Local directories help Google and other popular search engines to know that your business is in a particular area. You need to list your business on online directories. For this, you require your business name, address to be the same at all the destinations. As consistency is important, If it’s not maintained, your website will not show up in search results. There are many online directories and Google my business is the most popular one. You can improve the local ranking of your business through Google my business instant verification. In this way, your business will appear for relevant searches in your local.

3. Create locally accordant content

Targeting the right keyword and getting your website listed online will not alone work for you. Sometimes, overstuffing of keywords on a single page can make your website look spammy to many customers.  Instead, you need to think creatively. By adding highly engaging locally relevant content will help in improving your business’s search ranking. Create content that will be loved by your customers. Try to create content that will help your customers in solving their problems or satisfying their desire.

4. Optimize your Google My Business page

As Google My Business (GMB) is a popular directory, you need to understand it in detail. Google My Business is a free tool that is used by local businesses to increase their online presence. It helps in driving many customers to your business. There are many ways to optimize your Google my business page. For instance, you can do so with description, products, or services offered by you, business hours, etc. To increase the chances of attracting more customers, you should add images, logos, and the location of your business.

5. Get online reviews for your local business

Reviews are the most effective way to reveal social proof to the customers. it increases the trust of customers on your business. According to a survey report, around 90% of the buyers prefer reading reviews to decide the authenticity of a local business. 

6. Go mobile for your local business

In 2020, mobile has dominated the web. If you are doing any local business and want more people to view your business, you should have a website that is mobile friendly. The websites which are optimized for mobile rank more than any other websites. So, you should not wait longer for this. It’s the right time to make your website mobile responsive. It is an effective way to increase your customers as people are always looking for websites that can easily work on their phones.

7. Optimize your social media profiles

Make sure that all your businesses’ social media profiles are in sync with the same information. Your social media profiles should have a name, location, and URL of your website. Your social media presence will increase your customers because people are frequently visiting several social media platforms. You have to simply pick the platform your customers are regularly using and promote your product and services there. if you are providing products and services in which the customers you to deal with are business owners, use LinkedIn to promote your business. Make sure you use the right social media platform to attract customers. For instance, if you want to target teenagers, Instagram is a better choice. Also, remember to list your Facebook page as a business page so that Facebook users can check your page to know your location.

Final Thoughts

To recapitulate, your local business needs to stand out from the crowd in order to stay competitive. So, to stay ahead of the curve, make sure you are following all the essential ways to increase your business’s online visibility. Implement all these practices into your existing digital marketing strategies and boost your sales.

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