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We understand your daily beauty problem with a shortage of time. It’s not only you but every girl wants to look beautiful and charming. But due to a shortage of time, looking beautiful sometimes become a dream. With time charm can also cost you expensive as well. Therefore everyone can’t afford to go to the salon weekly. Not only salon but also beauty products have become very expensive at the time. A lady needs to invest a lot on herself to look beautiful.Here the solution is Beauty Hacks.


15 Genius Beauty Hacks, Every Girl must know

What do here Hacks Stand for? Hacks here means to use the common products differently to give your skin a charming look. Some of the tricks are followed with beauty and even sometimes normal daily use products to give you glowing and healthy skin.  Using beauty tricks on your hairs and skin can be fun sometimes and even results will leave you shocked. With the beauty tricks, you do not need to give much effort or even invest much time. You will find yourself lucky after reading the below tricks that could be cost-effective and also will give a positive result.

Worth Beauty Hacks for a charming look

Here are some of the tried and tested beauty hacks which will help you to get the most desired look with minimum time and less money. These hacks will give you a charming look in the morning a breeze!

Beauty Hacks with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is gaining market very rapidly with its quality. Not only in food or drink but has very positive benefits on skin and hair as well. Moreover, when you are suffering from oily skin, it is a point of worry for you. But the beauty hack is here with the solution. Mostly girls with oily skin avoid using moisturizer, but you should know that the absence of moisturizer increases the amount of producing oil on the skin. Therefore, one can use apple cider vinegar with water and can apply on skin as a toner before you put moisturizer. This will keep your skin hydrated without releasing oil from the skin and will also maintain the pH balance of the skin. Looking for some more apple cider Vinegar Hacks? should surely read

Beauty Hacks with Tap water to Protect Hair Damaged from Chlorine

The main problem you all face after swimming is the damage done to your hair due to chlorine present in pool water. The chlorine makes the water of the pool clean but also damages your skin and hair. Here the hacks which will help you to protect your hair from the harmful chemical are using tap water. As we all take a shower before going to the pool but sometimes forget to rinse hairs sometimes. One should also rinse the hair before going to the pool. When hairs are rinsed through tap water, our hair absorbs the tap water which afterward doesn’t allow the chlorine water to get absorbed any to damage your hairs.

Using Spoon to give Winged Eyeliner look.

Giving your eye winged eyeliner look is very tricky. The most important problem is to give the same shape to both the eyes. But here is the solution to overcome the problem of giving a winged shape. The extreme bottom side of the spoon can be used to give the line and then the spoon round part corner should be kept on the eyelid to create perfect wings. And then follow the same step again on the other eye. This will help to give the perfect eyeliner shape. You can also use the spoon to give a cat-eye look. Cat-eye is one of the trendy patterns of eyeliner being followed on a red carpet.

Make perfume long-lasting

You must be exploring the perfume which lasts long. It is not always possible to keep perfume always and spray it every hour. The substitute that we all think is to buy new and expensive perfumes which last long. If you are thinking the same then I would say you are unaware of the hack of making perfume to last long. You just need to put Vaseline on your pulse point and spray perfume on it. The perfume will stick to Vaseline and will last long more than it usually does. With this easy trick, you would not need to hunt for a new set of perfume collections and even will save your cost of the perfume.

Honey for Chapped Lips

With the dry season the problem of chapped lips increases. We spent many of our saving on purchasing lip balms. There are varieties of lip balms available in the market with a different range, different flavors, and different texture. But it very difficult to pick one that perfectly suits your lips. Here we are with the beauty hack through which you can easily make your own homemade natural lip balm for yourself. You just need to mix a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of sugar. Mix the ingredient well and then apply on your lips for minutes an wipe it off. This will leave your lips soft and will also keep hydrated and prevent dryness.

Nails Strength with Toothpaste 

Have you ever thought about what all qualities do a toothpaste carry? As we know toothpaste is good to give strength to your teeth but is it good for your nails? The answer is yes! Our nails and teeth both are equally benefited from toothpaste. When toothpaste is applied to nails it not only increases the growth but also gives strength to your nails. You need to take a gram of toothpaste on each of your nails and rub once in a week. You could easily observe a drastic change in your nails. The growth will almost be twice as compared without toothpaste.

Bottom line

With the above, some tips for your skin hairs and nails could help you to give the best result. Therefore one should try each one of the above. Surely you would wish to know the hacks earlier.

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  2. Hi, the site has helped me a lot to grow my cat, which I love very much.

    I share with you how I managed to make my cat no longer make a
    mess around the house.
    Kisses 🙂

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