Best Wedding Cultures Across the World You Must Know

Wedding is a beautiful association of a man and a woman, which existed since the time unknown same as the wedding cultures. A wedding has utmost importance in human life and sets the foundation of society.

Though a wedding is considered to be one of the most important ceremonies across the world the actual traditions and ceremonies performed during a wedding differ from place to place and from culture to culture.

Best Wedding Cultures Across The World

Here, we will discuss some of the best wedding cultures you must know:

1. Confetti

In Italy, confetti is a sweet treat, to be specific sugar-coated almonds that the guests attending the wedding receive during the reception. In the olden days, confetti was also thrown on the bride and the groom, but with time, it was replaced with tiny pieces of paper called Coriandoli.

2. Wedding Cultures Releasing Of Doves

In a traditional wedding in the Philippines, the groom and his bride release a couple of a dove in the sky as a symbol of their harmonious and peaceful married life ahead.

3. Wedding Cultures Like Sake-Sharing Ceremony

In the traditional Japanese wedding of san-san-kudo, the families are bonded together by a tradition in which both bride and her groom each take three sips each from three sake after which their parents do the same.

4. Log Cutting

During a wedding in Germany, the newly wedded couple should cut a log of wood into two halves, in front of the guest, thus symbolizing their ability to work together to overcome any obstacles they face later in life.

5. Blackening of Bride and the groom

According to the Scottish tradition, both bride and her groom are asked to consume alcohol that is covered in ash and feathers. This was believed to keep away all the evils from soon to be married couple.

6. Wedding Cultures Like A Goose For The Bride

According to a Korean wedding tradition, the groom gifts his to be mother-in-law a wild goose.  This is done to symbolize his pure love and intentions towards his bride.

In modern times both the bride and the groom, exchange a wooden goose or duck on their wedding day as a symbol of their commitment towards each other.

7. Croquembouche

In French weddings, croquembouche is served as a wedding cake. Croquembouche is a beautiful tower of creamy pastry puff that can be dipped in any sweet sauces. A croquembouche is usually decorated with fruits, glazes and nuts, and glazes.

And as for the wedding reception, theirs is an awkward tradition called La Soupe, in which the leftovers are gathered into a toilet-like bowl, from which the bride and groom should eat symbolizing good luck.

8. Black Wedding Cake

In the Caribbean countries a dark cake, which is made from dark fruits and rum, is served.

The same cake is also served during Christmas and is almost similar to traditionally served cake during Christmas.

9. Stealing The Groom’s Shoes

In a traditional Indian Wedding Cultures, the sister of the bride tricks the groom by stealing and hiding his shoes after he has entered the wedding location.  The groom can get his shoes back only after he gifts to his sister in law.

10. Spitting On The Bride

In Kenya, the father of the bride spits on the head and the chest of his daughter so as to bring good fortunes.

11. Money Dance

A Poland, the guests can buy a dance with the bride. The maid of honor collects the charges, which together are spent, on the newly wedded couples’ honeymoon.

12. Breaking A White Bell

During a wedding reception in Guatemala, the mother of the groom breaks the white bell as the newly wedded couple enters the reception party. This bell is filled with rice, flour, and grains and is symbolic of good luck and prosperity.

13. Ransoming the Bride

In a Romanian wedding ceremony, the bride is mock abducted by the family and the friends before the wedding ceremony. The groom should rescue his bride by paying a ransom in the form of monetary gifts as well as romantic gestures.

In addition to this Bride-napping is also done in which the best men take the bride to a pub just before the wedding. The groom must find his bride.

14. Henna

The traditional Indian weddings in which there is one ceremony called Mehendi. During this ceremony, the intricate design of henna is made on the palms of the bride as well as woman attendees.

15. Bridal Sedans And Red Umbrellas

Red is considered to be a powerful color in Chinese traditions. In the Chinese traditional wedding a full procession, of the bride arrives in the bridal sedan. According to the Chinese tradition red color symbolizes love and good luck.

According to Chinese traditions, the bride should wear a red veil to cover her face. And the mother of the bride holds a red umbrella over the bride’s head. This is believed to increase fertility in women.

16. Unity Bowl

In an Australian wedding ceremony, there is a tradition of a  unity bowl. In addition to this, the guests are given stones and asked to hold them throughout the Wedding Cultures and wedding ceremony.

The guests are expected to place the stones in a decorative bowl that are kept on a display afterward which will remind them of the support of their friends and family.

17. Carrying Fire

According to the South African tradition, the parents of the groom and the bride bring fire from their own fireplaces to the home of the newly wedded couple. The flames that are given by the parents are used to ignite the fire in their own home.

18. Two Bouquets

In the Mexican wedding tradition, the bride carries two bouquets during her wedding. One of the bouquets is for the bride while the other one is for the Virgin Mary.

So here are all the different wedding cultures from all across the world. Tell us which one was your favorite or which one you will be following on your wedding day.

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