Wedding Rings- An Eternal Promise of Love and Togetherness

To choose a marriage ring for your partner can be a real task. Exchanging wedding rings on a pleasing ceremony is a promise which is meant to be kept for years to come. It is a symbol of love, strength, and togetherness.

A marriage ring is placed on the ring finger of the couple’s left hand. A ring finger which has a vein, which connects through the heart. This is the reason that people understand emotions, love, and emotions in a relationship.

Exchanging rings is a part of the tradition of every wedding ceremony whether it is a western ceremony, Indian ceremony or any. It is a symbol of intimate and heart to heart connection meant to be seen on a finger for eternity.

Different Styles of Wedding Rings for Lovers to Choose

A commitment of love, a promise of sacrifices to be made together, a commitment to grow in old together, this is what a wedding ring symbolizes.

It is more than a tradition for lovers across the world. It shows that even when sometimes when a couple is far away, the distance does not matter because a wedding ring is there with you.

A ring which brings binds you together in love in hard times. It is not just an ordinary ring, a significance which has to be exceptional in every way.

So, here are some of the best designs and styles of wedding rings. These will always portray the liking and warmth between lovers.

Simple Wedding Ring in Gold

Getting a simple wedding ring band in gold is an excellent option for couples who do not believe in showing off their love and warmth for each other. A broad ring band for men and less broadband for women is the best way to exchange the promise of togetherness.

The simplicity of these wedding rings will be a perfect symbol of love.

Matching Silver Simple Couple Rings

Imagine wedding rings which itself when paired. These are costume made rings which even can be customized in silver, gold, and platinum. They are looked together, and they form a complete heart.

These rings symbolize that the groom and bride are together. Otherwise, they both are missing something in life.

Fingerprints Engraved Silver Rings

The couples who are looking for something unique and out of the space. Then these are the customized rings for you. This new design is seeking a lot of attention of the modern lovers.

One can get it customized on any metal. A small engraved fingerprint is a form of presence of your partner no matter wherever you are. One can give a beautiful oxidized and neutral finish to the fingerprints.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Diamonds are even a guy’s best friend. A cushion cut diamond ring is the best choice anyone can make. A diamond on the top of the ring and covered with smaller diamonds on any metal.

The smaller diamonds at the side of the band can be of any color. This looks amazing on a male ring finger.

Princess Cut Shaped Diamond Ceremony Ring

Now, this is what a girl would ever dream of. The gorgeous princess cut shaped diamond is usually seen on celebs fingers. But you can get it for yourself as well.

A ring which is crowned with a big diamond in the middle looks fantastic on any girl’s hand. This is the best and undoubtedly a choice to make for your bride.

Platinum Couple Rings

Platinum couple rings are an excellent option for couples. They never its shine and is an ideal choice to make. On the other hand, they are usually expensive than other metals like gold and silver.

Similarly, like others, these can be customized. Either one can add a small diamond in it or not. It is entirely a personal choice.

Wedding Rings with A Name On It

The styles and trends in wedding rings also keep on changing. This new style of getting names engraved on a ring is similar to that of fingerprints. But it is as unique as the other one.

It adds meaning to the wedding ceremony and exchanging rings. The engraving of the names can make the couple feel there closeness and love. It defines who belongs to whom.

Indian Style Gold Marriage Rings for Couple

Indian style gold wedding rings are quite famous among couples. Usually, a groom’s marriage ring is in yellow gold with heavy designs on it. The designs embossed with diamonds.

Whereas, a bride’s wedding ring has an intricate gold designing. Gold, in India, is as a hereditary form of wealth and pride.

Modern Designer Women’s Ring

People very less choose designer rings. The diamonds embossed in it have high chances of getting out. These are high on the prices as well.

The designs are enormous and beautiful. One can go for such designer pieces if they have such taste in it. Otherwise, these are less preferred investment by couples.

Sapphire Gold-Silver Men’s Wedding Ring

Wedding ring with sapphire gemstones is very much in trend these days. They complement the whole attire of men. The sapphire gemstone is a perfect delight to the eyes and looks attractive on a man’s hand.

The design is unique and beautiful. The medium shaped sapphire stone in the middle and the delicate white diamonds on the sides of the gold ring provides an excellent and classy look to the ring.

Two-Tone Men’s Ring

This is a fashionable wedding ring perfect for men. The ring usually has two tones in it. One is the silver-gold tone, and the other one is of yellow good.

It also has a lovely middle size diamond in it and smaller diamonds at the sides. This rings shines bright and looks gorgeous on a man’s finger like a  vow from the bride.

Last thought

Wedding rings are about a promise made, a vow exchanged which is meant to be kept for years. Similarly, they are a fashion accessory which is to be on your ring finger all the time. So, make the right choice and select the best of the designs.

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